If miracles weren't arranged

Emily completely ignored Tariq because she had no visual image of him, they only talked on the phone. she sat down at the corner of the hospital bed Ember was on. looking at her with so much pity and excitement. Emily looked and sound like someone who has never been pregnant or taken Care of a baby before now. 

  after Emily sat down she pulled out a small nylon bag filled with fast food and mainly burgers. "you bought burgers?, I haven't started with the one Tariq bought. after hearing this Emily ever so smart she turned back to get a clear image of Tariq. "you must be tariq right?" Emily asked "yeah I was the one who talked to you over the phone before getting here" Tariq said "your sister only requested chips and Soda so I got the chips and added a little something on top" Tariq added.

   Emily stood up promptly headed towards Tariq with her right hand pushed forward reaching out for a hand shake. "you look outstanding" Tariq swooped in the moment accepting her hand shake "thank you" she said.

   "what should we do with the extra food?" Emily asked, "you can eat it" Tariq said.after a few minutes of eating, drinking and talking, Emily asked "where can I get water?", "close to the entrance theres a vending machine, you could ask any of the nurses if you can't find it. Emily left for the vending machine, as she left the ward, Tariq rushed to Ember saying "I'll be living soon, I have to go get my truck before anything bad happens". "awww I really wanted to stay with us but I understand you need to get your truck" Ember agreed "i won't be happy living here without collecting your number" said Tariq. 

     she called out the number and Tariq wrote it down in other not to mix up the number, he gave her his phone to confirm if it was correct and it was. "I have go now" Tariq said as he collected his Phone and left the ward. few steps away from the maternity ward, he made eye contact with Emily on her way back from the vending machine with two hand held bottle of water. Tariq said in a loud voice "I got your number here I'll call you." he said this using hand signals to convey more information and she nodded in agreement.

   Tariq purposely turning back to check out her body curve with an excuse of ordering an Uber "beautiful body" tariq whispered to himself. it indicated that there was a driver 3 minutes away in route to him. he made used of the 3 minutes heading towards the nurse at the reception to kill time before the uber get to the hospital. "hey there beautiful, I'll be living in three minutes, what's you name by the way?" he asked "my name is Elizabeth" the nurse said. After a very short conversation between the two of them assuring her that he's going to take her somewhere fun this weekend. a Sudden vibration in his pocket followed by a nice and loud ring tone "it appears your phone is ringing, pick it up" said the nurse. "it's the driver calling, I'm sure he's outside RN" Tariq said waving his hand goodbye to the beautiful nurse while working out of the hospital and picking his call.

   "I'm outside your location with a black Toyota corolla, can you see me?" the Driver said over the phone. "sure" Tariq said, as he spotted the vehicle and headed towards it, he used his phone to signal the Driver to confirm he was the one, the driver responded with a flash of his headlight. knowing that driver already knows his pick up point and his destination, as a man who drives, he's never comfortable with sitting at the backsit while the front is empty.As the car began to move it felt as if a burden is being taken of his shoulder, as he wonder what Ember and Emily would be talking about.

    "A handsome man you got there huh Ember?" Emily asked with a little bit of jealousy that she didn't meet him first. "oh you mean Tariq? we barely have anything going on, he's just a nice gentleman that helped me from the store till I got here, he also bought everything I ate, probably paid outstanding hospital bill fingers crossed. "so you're saying he's rich?" Emily added to understand the situation better and find a way to place herself in the middle of both of them. "yeah, I mean he didn't ask Me for money to get the things we bought at the store and over here." Ember answered.

    Tariq on the other in the Uber he ordered listening to beautiful R&B and soul music, have his mind drifting into his past memory and laughing at himself. "you're a very Good driver" Tariq said noticing that there has no been any mistake in acceleration and Brake usage. "I learnt from the best" said the driver followed by a really long introduction to Tariq "how long would it take to get there?". said Tariq "we're almost there" the driver said turning up music a little louder.

    5:45 in the evening Tariq so tired because of an eventful he had, After resting and adjusting the chair tilting it backwards for a little rest and then sleep took over. for what seems to be a very short nap, Tariq managed to sleep through the whole ride and was woken up but the Uber driver telling him that we've arrived at his destination. Tariq feeling uncomfortable and insecure, he has never slept while someone else is driving before , he looked around and confirmed this his destination, he hopped out the vehicle. He brought out his Debit card, the driver out his POS once the transaction was completed.

    he looked round finally catching sight of his vehicle, unsure of where it was parked but at least it's there, the latest model of the Ford raptor. clicking the auto unlock key, causes a sharp double flash of both travigator of the truck, signifying that all the doors has been unlocked. he then went to the back of there truck where he kept the groceries and they were all intact. he then closed the trunk and headed for the driver's sit, shoving himself inside the vehicle, he twisted his right hand where he held the key and started the vehicle.

    After starting the vehicle he waited a few minutes soaking in the fresh cool air coming from the car air condition system.It changed his body temperature from warm to cool in a matter of minutes, though the sun was no where in sight but the atmosphere is still as warm as before. 

     After letting the car engine run for a few minutes, Enough to really change his body temperature. when he was about to move the gear from P to R to reverse out of the packing space, he felt vibration coming from his phone at his right trouser pocket. clearly write on the screen it was Emily calling, he picked up as fast as he could "hello it's Emily, Ember said I should ask if you're coming back to the hospital tonight or tomorrow" said Emily. leaving him in a tight spot he had no choice but to agree."I'll come back for sure but I haven't decided what time yet" Tariq said. "that's all we needed to hear thank you once again for all you've done we really appreciate you kisses" they both chorused. Tariq smiled sheepishly after the call ended and imagine what his life would be like with the two of them in it.

     Pulling out of the parking space in reverse, a bright light casted on the back of the vehicle, shows that there's a car coming in his direction really fast. Tariq hit the brakes of his vehicle as fast as he could to avoid a collision between the two vehicles. after hitting the brake, the vehicle stopped. as soon as stopped he a Shelby Ford mustang zoomed past him, only horsing when it was 10 feet away from collision with Tariq's Truck. Ford mustang swived to dodge Tariq's trunk, the driver raised his hand out the window with a fist leaving the middle finger showing fuck you to Tariq and yelled "watch where your going asshole". 

    Tariq a man who don't like to make mistakes or learn from his own mistakes came out of the car to inspect for any dent or scratches but there was no harm done to any car that evening.

    Tariq got back into his car with the fear and pressure that he almost got in a car accident that would have cost a lot, because no body ever takes the blame for an accident. He took a sharp deep breath to remind himself that all Is in other and reversed out of the packing space.

  he Happily headed home while listening to his favorite song IDGAF and pumping his head to the beat. but he couldn't shake off the feeling that's he going home to an empty house. where he spend his day away from the sun eating, drinking sometimes smoking when he has friends over. But his main objective was to get home, arrange the groceries he got in the kitchen, probably make something to eat and sleeping or head back to the hospital.

    After a 20 minutes drive he pumped through brakes and turn left into his drive way. He park in front of his house and sat there for a while observing the environment, how quiet and peaceful it was, he confessed to himself that he misses the both of then and wishes he was there with them. he opens the door and stepped out of the vehicle expecting to hear a little sound anywhere, but it was a deafening silence, like the his neighbors had evacuated the block. But that didn't bother him too much because all the neighboring house had there light turned on.

    he then went to the back of the truck, opened to start moving the groceries. there were three big bags of groceries and two metal equipments. As he goes through the things he bought at the store, he heard a loud accelerating engine as he raises to look who's disturbing the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. it was the same Ford raptor that he mistook to be his own, the one that sped past him at the traffic stop when taking Ember to the hospital.

   he watched the car go down the highway until the Engine sound faded away and there was nothing to look out except houses and cars park in front of it. he then looked into his Trunk taking two bags out and closing the truck. 

    heading into the house, it was a wooden built three bedroom apartment, which he decorated by him self. Getting to the door and takes his key out, he heard sratching against the door, without any surprise tariq said "calm down max I'm home" the Dog whimpered and continue scratching it was his 3 year old German shepherd, he does that everytime he gets home late.

    taking out the key to the house and inserting it in the key hole, then twisting the key twice anti clockwise. As he opens the door, the 45kg 3 year old dog leaped at him in joy, wagging its tail with two feet on the ground the other two on Tariq's chest. stepping into his well decorated house he whispered to himself "home sweet home".

    he went straight to the kitchen to drop the two bags he carried all the way from the car to the house and went back for the rest, max followed every move he made in the house knowing that's it's gonna get fed. he tool the last white bag out of the trunk and tried to carry the metal equipment he bought in the other arm but it was too heavy, so he left it there for the third run. he also went straight to the kitchen to drop the last grocery bag and the he headed back to the car. he picked up the last item in the trunk which was the metallic equipment with both hands to show how heavy they are, he closed the truck and click the key button to lock all the doors.

     he opened his door for the last time that evening and head to the household store where he kept all of his other handy metalic equipments. he went back in the kitchen to put things where they're supposed to be, he kept all that belong in the freezer in the freezer, he also kept all that belong in the fridge in the fridge till it was stocked up and then kept all that belonged in the shelf in it.

     Max watching the whole process and how quick he got everything set up, barked at him, reminding him that he hasn't gotten anything to eat. "I almost forgot about you max, don't worry I'll get you something to eat", he brought out the new bag of dog food he bought at the store. he walked to the corridor in front of the kitchen to get the dog plate where he kept it, as he picks up Dog's plate the speed at which max wagged his tail increased because that signified food. he tore the top left corner of the bag and pour some of it into Max's plate, max a well trained dog waited for him to be done and rushed in to eat immediately after Tariq was done pouring the food and stood up. 

    after everything was well arranged in the kitchen and store, he went up stairs to his room. he carefully took off the clothes he was wearing because it smelled like stress. after taking off his clothes feeling free from all the dirty clothes, he dropped it in a basket for laundry. he took of his underwear and place in the same place he put the dirty clothes. feeling free from all clothes, his body glowing as the light reflected on it as a light skin black man. he fell unto his bed on purpose like he passed out after a few minutes of laying there he fell asleep.


    Ember felt so alone with the absence of Tariq feeling uneasily with her emotions, the more Emily spoke to her the harder she could process the words coming out of Emily's mouth. Embers mind drifting off wondering if Tariq was home safe and refreshed, also wondering if he gonna be back today or the next morning. "could you help me call Tariq so we'd know if he's home safe and also find out if he's coming back today" Ember interrupted Emily's random talk. "ok I'll call him rightnow" Emily agreed, she picked up her phone to call Tariq, realizing how weird it'll be calling him again. Emily asked Ember "is it necessary to call him?" "are you sure you wanna call him?" Emily added. Ember nodded, Emily Dialed his number. 

    Tariq sleeping Naked upstairs had no idea his phone was ringing down stairs at the kitchen. "he's not picking up" said emily "I guess we put too much burden on he's, maybe he's never going to come back" said Ember. "don't be Like that, he had no reason to lie to us" said Emily "men hate saying no to women, maybe he was just trying to dodge saying no" said Ember. Emily rolled her eyes in frustration because Ember think too much about things and it hurts because most times it comes out wrong "don't think too much about it, I'm sure he might have his own reason for not picking the phone" Emily stated. "let's hope so" Ember added.

     As the days gets darker Emily deducted that they were going to spend the night at the hospital. luckily she came with everything she needed to keep her warm through night, after taking a good look at Ember and her child rested on top of her. she noticed that Ember was carried away with thoughts of Tariq being the man of her dreams or possibly something else. "Tariq is really handsome for a black man" Emily said, "oh you noticed? he's handsome, tall, gentle, sensitive, emotional and rich. he literally has everything you'd want in a man except the fact that he has not join the community". Emily smiling because she knew what took Ember's mind off their conversation. "yeah he's a really nice person, I hoped he'd come back to night and be the man in this situation" said Emily knowing they might never see each other again or he'll here tomorrow morning. "he even paid my hospital bill, oh I'm so grateful, I feel bad coz I didn't get to thank him enough" Ember said 

"I'm sure he knows you're grateful, he's a smart man" said Emily. "we should get some sleep hopefully he'll be here tomorrow" said Ember, "you go to bed, I'll be back ok?" said Emily "ok" Ember added.

   Emily heading out the door of the where they were transferred to from the maternity ward, it was a long hallway filled with light so bright that you wouldn't believe it's night time. first she went down to the cafeteria, she noticed staffs that served doing the morning time had all signed out and night shift staffs are ones in present. she moved from the cafeteria and explored every other ward except the surgical ward because the doors to the ward were closed. she's really an adventurous and outgoing person who can't stay in one place except when she's asleep. afterwards she go into the hospital elevator to explore the last floor of the hospital, 3 minutes in the elevator with no joining in because it's late, she got to the last floor, behold it was a penthouse view where all the nurses come to lounge after their shift or break. they're very few customers that knew about the penthouse on top of the build. stepping out of the elevator, she noticed that the penthouse contained more staffs than patients or visitors. looking for a place to sit and probably order something, she saw a man looking direct at her, noticing he's the one on the table she decided to join him there. because he must adventurous as she is to know of the penthouse bar on top of the hospital. as she moved closer to the table where the man sat navigating the crowd she stuck in her feelings thinking the penthouse for staffs only. she very calm as every table she passes by they all looked at her because of the short gown she was putting on it made her look extraordinarily beautiful as she walked to the empty table.

    she got to the table and politely sat on the table like she has never met him before, to Ember Emily took a friendly stroll but to Emily she went up to meet someone instinctively. sitting with all the conversational noise coming from all the table in the Bar and restaurant. "what if I told you the baby your sister is about to deliver is my child would you believe it?" the stranger striked a puzzling conversation. Emily's facial expression changed suddenly change "I wouldn't believe that, were told she was gang raped men who promised a good time after clubbing" Emily stated. the stranger burst into laughter saying "I'm just kidding, you just experienced what we call dark humor", Emily smiled awkwardly to cover up the fact that she fell for it. "how did you know I'm with my sister? have you been following us?". "No" he said "when you and your sister were living the maternity ward to a room prepared for you both, I was the man walking into the hospital to visit my friend in admitted here, though you didn't get a clear glimpse of my face I do recognize you" the man explain.

    "thats sounds like the truth" Emily said "what's your name" Emily asked, "everyone calls me james" he introduced himself "do you want something to eat or drink?" James asked "a cup of coffee would nice, I need to stay active to take care of my sister and her child, she refused to let the nurse keep the child in the baby ward". said Emily "I'm sure they'll be thinking she's some kind of psycho, but it's nice to see a mother being protective of her child because a lot happens these day"James said. "tell me about it" said emily

     he raised his hands signifying a waiter to come over. Noticing that Emily is a really friendly person, he moved his chair closer to hers, changing his position of comfort so they could have a private conversation. the arrived at the table exactly when James was done moving his chair to hers "what can I get you" the waiter asked "A cup of coffee"emily said "No two cups of coffee, black with sugar" James Added.

    resuming the conservation James said "I wouldn't blame your sister for not letting them take her baby to the baby ward" "why?"Emily said. "we've heard rumors from this hospital and other hospitals, birth mothers yelling and complaining that the child given to them the next day after delivery was different from the child they pushed out their vaginas" said James "No way" Emily exclamated. "I'm sure that's the reason Ember said she wanted to spend the night with her child in her arms". "you wouldn't blame her, it's hard to believe rumors until you're faced with such situations.

     James first saw the waiter whom they both ordered coffee heading towards their table with a tray and two cups of coffee on it.

he placed it carefully on the table while James and Emily watched closely for any spill and there was none. 

    James watched as Emily rushed to take a sip out of her coffee to clear the little dizziness she enduring so she don't fall asleep. James took a sip of his coffee while observing the epitome of beauty Emily carried around, he wondered if she was adventurous to want to fuck a stranger she met at a hospital in the toilet but he never said anything out.

    After a few sips of the coffee and silently making fun of the nurses and doctors still at the lounge, Emily yawned so innocently in a way that made James tingle. observing her beautiful white so smooth you'd want to touch her without asking her name, her breast so perfectly size also portable that she didn't need to wear a bra to look sexy. Also looking at her laps glowing so beautifully that if she was is girlfriend his hands would be on her lap every single sec of the day. Emily being a typical woman felt his eyes going all over her body, tilted her neck towards him catching him staring at her thighs. he immediately raised his Head to the most beautiful face he has seen for the past months, eyes so defined, symmetrical with nose and beautiful small lips. Emily loving the attention she gets from men asked smiling "what are you looking at?". "well it's hard to ignore you're like the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and it's a huge coincidence to meet at the penthouse of a hospital" said James. holding back her smile Emily said "well I can't stop your eyes from seeing what it sees" she said tilting her head back to the doctors they were silently making fun of. 

    As she sipped the last bit of coffee, James heard a vibration coming from her purse which she heard but purposely ignored because she knew who it was. "I think your phone is ringing" James said, Emily acting surprised said "uh" jolt towards her bag to pick the call before it ends. "where are you?" said Ember "calm down I'm at the cafeteria" Emily said "how long is it gonna take? are you eating there?" Ember said "no I just got coffee I'm on my way back" said Emily. No need for explanation "was that your sister?" James asked, "yes she's such a buzz kill, I have to Go now, thanks for everything you made my day" Emily said standing up. "can I atheist get your number?" James requested, "yeah sure" Emily called out her number knowing that he won't be the only one calling her tonight or tomorrow because she spoke very audibly. she waved James Good bye as she walked towards elevator leading to the penthouse bar & restaurant, she got the same attention she got walking in, while going out.




    Getting to the elevator she looked back at James smiling, knowing he'd looking at her while James wave her Good bye and good night. she reached the elevator and click on the button, gave the gave the door a little space, turned back facing the bar as she waited for the elevator to come up. getting carried away by the impressive movement of the bartender and how he manages to serve the crowd sitting up here only by himself. observing how loud the customers are including the nurses, so loud that you can barely hear the music and wondering why people downstairs don't hear them at all. as she wondered, a silent to loud ping followed by the elevator door open signifies that the elevator is at the top floor. she turns back to elevator, as she turned back two men and a lady stepped out the elevator. "atleast I'm not the only female up here" she thought to herself as the desire to go back down to Ember drops significantly. Still she turn to the elevator and walked in. hoping it was a straight ride down to the last floor, her confidence was deplicted as it stopped at the the third floor. As the Door opens a group of four men enter the elevator carrying a loud conversation that she couldn't make sense of. As they walked in she managed to make eye contact with two of them going down to the last floor. 

    As the elevator touches the last floor the same ping that sounds when the elevator doors are about to slide open. the group of men that joined her on third floor went their separate ways as she went hers, headed towards room 023 where Ember and her baby was transferred to. 

   As she walks to towards the room, she heard a slightly fast pase rushing towards her. as an upright lady she predicted he was coming to her. "please Excuse me" said the man chasing after her, she turned back knowing there was no one else he could be talking to. "we were in the saying elevator coming down stairs and I can't let you go with asking your name and possibly your number" the man added. "my name is Emily, thanks for the compliment and I don't just give out my number to anyone" said Emily knowing that giving her number out to anyone for a bet wouldn't be a good look for her, because she don't know how long she'll be in the hospital. without arguing or trying to convince her decision the man said "ok" and walked back to his friends laughing at him for failing to get her number.

     As she got to Room 023, she walked in on Ember fast as asleep with her baby on her. she decided not to wake her up so she picked up the bag she came with and removed a blanket for the purpose of covering her body while sleeps on the chair meant for visitors to see the patient. she sat down, placed her body in a comfortable position and covered herself, Emily as always found it hard to fall asleep thinking of all the possibilities and things she could be doing instead of sleeping. so she looked up to the ceiling in a wonderous empty gaze, as she looked up to the ceiling thinking of the kind of man she'd meet and want to have a child with. As she pondered upon that, she felt a double vibration coming from her phone indicating that got a text message. she wondered who texted her as she reached inside her purse to get the phone, she unlocked the phone with facial identification and saw it was a text message from James from the penthouse bar and restaurant. "hey there beautiful it's James from the bar, we coffee together coz you said you wanted be active through the night. I would have called but I didn't want to wake your sister up plus it's late. you made my night a lot better" james texted while he was on his way home. Emily smiled while reading the text messages know she got a new friend, "I should thank you, you paid for the coffee and made my day alot better and I enjoyed the time we spent together, it's sad now that we have to go to bed. Thank you for reaching out to me I have to go now, Goodnight" Emily replied. 

    After replying she kept her phone on her body as she nodds off while falling asleep, smiling that tomorrow is going to be a better and brand new day.


     the deafening silence spread across Tariq's neighborhood, soon began to change to cars driving in and out their neighborhood across the street, Distinct children chattering while heading to school. Tariq still sleeping because the slightly loud noise happening outside barely reached his ears. As the day gets brighter Max his dog who had studied tariq since it was a puppy, ran upstairs. jumped on top of his bed and found Tariq laying facing his bed with his head sideways, his right hand close to his face, left hand facing down close to his waist and his two legs spread across the bed. Max showed concern by licking his right hand, Tariq grossed out by the wet discomfort Max was causing raise his hands to stroke and pet max saying "I'm awake, I'm awake". He turned from facing the bed to facing the ceiling. 

    Due to Max's accute sense of hearing, the Dog heard a footstep approach the Front Door the dog ran downstairs to the front and started barking. Hearing the Dog barking, Tariq jumped outta bed "that must be the mailman" he said as he rushed downstairs to check what he brought. the mailman hearing the dog bark knew he didn't want to wait till the owner opened the door before living, so he slipped the letter under the door and dropped the package in his porch. Tariq rushing to put some clothes on some could rush down stairs in time to meet the mailman. as he opened his front door he found his package neatly stack and the letter in the house and saw the mailman heading towards his vehicle. "is everything complete?" Tariq asked with a loud voice because of the trust issues he has for mailing service, "yes" replied the mailman.

     he took two boxes delivered to him into the house and wasted no time opening it up. the first was his virtual reality setup, second was a humidifier for his house but he couldn't shake of that feeling of something being missing or out of place. That when he remembered he wasn't with his phone, "my phone!!" he yelled "where did I put it" he added "there's no way I left it at the hospital, it must be here somewhere" he concluded. so he retraced his footsteps back to the kitchen and found it there on the table. picking up the phone he discover that he had 4 missed calls on his phone, 2 from Emily and 2 from his sister.

    knowing the reason why Emily called, he picked up the phone to call his sister. As he Dialed the number, on the third ring why calling her, she picked up the phone. "hey sis, I'm sorry I missed your call, how are you doing?" said Tariq "Tariq I need your help" his sister said. "why? what happened?" Tariq asked, "my little baby is ill and I don't have enough money to cover the bills, I've ask everyone I could ask and they all said they don't have the money, please help me" she stated. Tariq being a really sensitive almost in tears, told her that he was going to cover every bill till she get well. his sister Annie didn't know how to put her feelings to words after Tariq agreed to help her out. all she could say was "thank you, thank you, thank you and I love you" "what would I do without Tariq?, I'll probably be dead or something" Annie Added. "text me your details and the amount I'm supposed to pay into your account" Tariq demanded. 

    after ended the call with his sister, he decided to call Emily.


Emily still sleeping, while Ember was wide awake watching her sleep. she secretly wishes that it was all a dream so she could wake up and things will go back to how they were when she wasn't pregnant. As she got that thought out of her mind, Ember heard a phone vibration coming from Emily's purse. Emily fully tucked in Deep sleep did not hear the vibration, Ember knowing that she can't help her get the phone because the doctors had put a syringe in her vein to help her stay hydrated and giving her little nourishment. Plus her baby laying fast asleep at on her body, so instead of yelling name, she took one of the chocolate bar Emily bought on her way to the hospital and threw it at her head. because that's the only place that wasn't covered by the blanket emily brought from how to sleep with.

     Ember threw the chocolate bar with pin point accuracy and it landed on Emily's forehead and bouncing to the floor. Immediately the it hit her forehead Emily jolts put of sleep laughing at herself because she had plans to stay awake watching over Ember and her baby all through the night. "your phone is ringing" Ember said, Emily reached for her purse to get her phone. with a straight face she look at the caller and then showed it to Ember "it's Tariq" said Emily, Ember filled so much impatience, wanting to if he's gonna come in the morning or evening. because it's certain he's going to come to the hospital. "well pick it up" said Ember. The call ended as Emily was about picking it up, they both waited for him to call again but he didn't.


     Tariq at home after calling Emily and there was no response, he decided not to call again as he thought they might still be asleep or maybe the doctors are attending to her. he dropped the phone to face his daily routines like cleaning the house, doing the previous dishes, a little workout, bath, cook and work from home in his laptop. so he started cleaning the house, as a bachelor you wouldn't want to hire someone to help clean your condo, after cleaning the whole house and putting the trash in the trash can. he started doing the dishes as a man living alone there wasn't too much dishes to be done, he was done in a few minutes. after the dishes were done he went Into the room where he kept his workout equipments, he ran on the treadmill for 28 minutes at 12mph, he also did some jumping jax for 15minutes, then the cobra pose for 20 minutes and then a 10 minutes plank. After his string workout routine he went back upstairs to shower to stay clean and fresh. he liked to sing when taking his bath and his neighbors loved it because no one ever complained about it.

he came out the bathroom and dried himself up applied Good expensive body cream and combed his hair to style. he put some clothes on and head downstairs to whip up something for breakfast.


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