If miracles weren't arranged

The strange Encounter.

   warm blazing ray scorching the skin, not enough to hurt it but to make you understand the status of global warming of the planet at the particular area of longitude and latitude intersection. 

    As a result of a small obvious kick from an infant to remind it's mother that it's not dead but alive and sucking on every nutrient it can get from it's pregnant mother. she smiled to an assisting young man helping her out of her car to cover the raging hurmone causing emotional imbalance, mood swings and doubt if she's fit to be a mother to a child she has never met only felt.

     "my baby is due today" she said. After a sudden suck of air through his nose to the lungs, to stop his voice from shaking as a result of the awkward moment he's been put in helping a pregnant woman with no experience of pregnancy as he was born another gender. 

    "you should be in the hospital instead of grocery shopping" he said without thinking. instantly regretts because of his bad past experience of correcting a woman. Seeing the obvious situation and noticing the lady is heavily pregnant.

     "you're a strong woman" a man about to enter his car in the big parking lot commented, intentionally correcting the Young man helping her out of the vehicle. she smiled at the bystander, showing appreciation for the compliment that did hurt her because she was doing the wrong thing and turned to the young man helping her out with thoughts flying out her head. her second feet touches the full concrete ground, gaining full balance standing and a slow but firm push against the car door followed by a slightly loud bang closing it, she was riding a 2020 Toyota corolla. 

    "I'm not going to leave you alone" Decided the Young man helping her observing that the situation is not going to be easy for her alone. walking towards the entrance of the store under the scorching sun telling a warm tale to the skin of both of them. 

    every step of the way, customers walking in and out of the store towards the parking lot made alot of eye contact with the woman first observing her pregnant belly. "I'm a single mother" she said smiling in a little bit of sweat explaining why she's at a Grocery store in stead of a hospital delivery ward waiting for the slightly painful strain to be felt when her "water breaks". 

    after noticing the signals from other men in the parking lot coming to her instead the man helping her. Every things seems to sound a bit louder as the insecurities of a pregnant woman being helped by a stranger makes her pay attention to not only the words coming out his mouth but also his eyes and body language. Enough to know that he's uncomfortable helping her this situation making her doubt what she thought of him earlier.

     A slow heisty automatic slide of the doors to the grocery store, Ends what seems to be a really long walk from her car to the building itself. a store worker incharge of getting empty shopping carts back into the store arms were vibrating while pushing multiple carts at once back to the store. wondered what was going on, with the thought in mind that they were husband and wife they watched looking for one thing to talked about when they get inside because they drew the most attention in the parking lot. 

    sudden change in temperature from hot to cold and scenery leaves her body hair standing sending messages to her brain that they're longer under the scorching sun as they walked into the store. he stood firm controlling his thoughts because the feeling of walking into a big store never gets old plus walking in with a pregnant woman. 

   the Young man grabs two carts one for her and himself, As the store security watched how the Black man and the pregnant white lady showed chemistry going their separate ways to different aisles in the store. They both show hand signals to the lady to meet back up at the cashier after shopping. 

"I'm sure he's not and don't know the father of that child" said one of the store security officer standing next to a store worker. in a modern town with not very few black people it's strange to see a mixed couple around here, "uh huh" said the store worker in agreement to what the store security said like he knew them from somewhere. 

   the couple Watching each other from a small distance, smiling after each eye contact, made the man feel blessed for helping the pregnant lady. while browsing his seventh aisle at the store with his cart is barely filled with groceries, provision and some technical equipments. four aisles away from where he stood, the woman's cart is filled but with little space to add a few extra shoppings, while thinking of what next to picked from the aisle she wondered how hard it'll be meeting up with the young man again. 

    after a forty-five minutes noiseless stroll around the store, both trying to make sure that they finish shopping at the same time, she whispered to herself "I hope he's done". raising his hand to the third shelf taking down a pack of tissue papers and also a pack of Diapers, To show his concern for her situation. while raising his head from putting both items in his cart completely filling it, he made eye contact with her signing that she's done with shopping and headed to the cashier. the young man said with a bold voice "what kinda diapers do you need, small or large?" raising the pack of large diapers he picked to show her and she said "both" because she didn't know what size the baby is going to be yet. 

    after a long 55 mins cart ride around the store, her legs began to grow weak, tired of all she had gone through today to get to the store, she head towards the cashier to check out Everything she picked from the store. while she was heading to the cashier, he was done shopping and followed her to the cashier.

    A store worker rushed to the couple to help offload and then reload their cart after checking out saying "are you married?". she looked at the young man smiling awkwardly and then turn back to the attendant they both chorused "we are not married", to escape the awkward postions the worker placed them in. "I'm just saying you look Good together" said the attendant facing the task ahead of him. the store attendant who's trying to ignore the fact that there's a pregnant lady and a tall handsome black man behind her, did her job of offloading the carts and placing it on the cashier's table Diligently. 

   after a slow but brief beeping by the cashier of all the items placed on the table by the worker, they brought out their cards to pay for the items they collected. "I would love to pay for your groceries" the man offered "it's fine, I can't stress you, knowing all you've done for me today thank you very much" she interrupted. 

   the exaulurating beeping sound of the censor removal machine comes to a sudden stop, Displaying the price on the cashier computer monitor indicating that he bought $289.99 worth of groceries and items. After making payments with his card the worker started loading his stuff into an extra large nylon bag with the walmark logo and left metals equipments in the cart.

   after the cashier was done checking out the young man, they began offloading her cart to the cashier table. the desk monitor shows that She spent a Wapping $326.99 including the baby provision and the rest of Groceries she picked up. " I'll help load you groceries in your car if you don't mind" the young man offered. "that would be nice" she accepted. 

   after a long 10-20 minutes stand at the cashier's table, little sweats trinkling down the side of her head and slow rumblings sound giving signs that the baby want out the womb. their disorganized groceries were neatly arranged in extra large nylon bags and heavy materials left in the cart. "Grab what you can carry and wait for me at the car, I'll bring the rest of them" the young man said. "thats OK I don't think I should stress any further because my baby's due today and I don't want to have any bad experience having my first child".  

   Managing to bend down she picked up two smaller bags, headed for the open doors and then her parked vehicle. the young man felt hopeless looking at all the nicely arranged white shopping bag with in front of him. he finally decided to start anywhere because the worker was no where to be found. lifting two big bags of the floor "I'll get someone to help you out with the rest of them" said the cashier, he nodded showing the cashier that he could have said that alot sooner. 

   the woman's face becomes more brighter seeing him walking out of the store with two very large bag filled with groceries. one for him and the other for her, after him came the store worker with two carts filled with walmark leather bags and metallic equipment underneath the leather bag. she opened her trunk and he opened his they separated each bag for who owns which. after four Tru and fro movement, moving grocery bags into her trunk till its completely packed for the both of them same as the gentleman. the store worker done with all he was ordered to do, Taking a step backwards to head back to the store, the gentleman called him back and hands him a 20 dollar bill as a tip for his effort.

    turning back to the woman "I never got to know your name I'm Tariq, what's yours?" said the Gentleman. "my name is Ember" As her beautiful name is being pronounced with her mouth ,she felt a sharp pain like lightning spread through her abdomen causing her to moan sharply and a flow of warm water strolling down her thighs almost soaking her Dress which smell really Good By the way. "My water broke" she said to Tariq


    Tariq has never had such experience in life being a single bachelor enjoying what life has to offer, where he came across different kinda women, Even one try to pin a baby on him but DNA proved otherwise. "what should I do?" "should I call for help?" Tariq said in haste noticing how much pain she's in. 

   "take me to Dr Gregory's Hospital" "please" Ember managing to whisper with the overwhelming pain she experiencing. without any Delay he noticed he has to be the one to drive down to the hospital and he hates Toyota, "calm down, I'll pick you by your feet and have you laying comfortable in the back sit before moving car.

    Taking it In that She had created a scene by not being at the hospital in time, with everyone in the parking lot, ignoring the scorching sun looking at the black man trying to feet the heavily pregnant lady into her car. He groaned after placing her perfect and comfortable at the back sit. "you said Dr Gregory's Hospital right ember?" she nodded in agreement.

    He quickly pulled his phone out his pocket, unlocked it and then open Google maps and ping Dr Gregory's Hospital. he Exclamated, eyes spread noticing its a 30 mins drive from where they are at average speed. he said "oh I'll go faster than 60mph this is an emergency".

   holding his phone in his right hand he rushed to the Driver's Door and pulled it open and went in, temperature change from hot to cool as the woman left her car on ignition. "you should be in a hospital when your baby is due" Tariq yelled with only his eyes carrying the message of anger and disturbed. "being a single pregnant lady is not easy as you think keeping up with time and dates" said Ember with so much pressure.

    Tariq notice with all the tension in the air they might be involved in a accident making the situation a lot worst. he said "it's OK I'm sorry I yelled" she nodded and moan in gratitude. Tariq place two hands on the car steering and placed his head on the steering wheel in prayer for peace and a safe trip to the Hospital. 

  Twisting his right arm and starting the vehicle while maintaining eye contact with Ember through the front mirror to make sure she's alright. the sudden pick of the Engine running gave her a little bit of peace that they're on their way to the hospital. Tariq placed his left hand on the steering and slowly moved his right hand to the gear selector to get the vehicle off P to R and then pushed his right leg slightly on the acceleration pedal. The car slowly reverse with him tilting the steering to the left, The car reverse towards the left, after a full reverse from the position park he then placed his hand on the gear selector to get the car off R to D and slightly with haste he push the acceleration pedal, therefore creating a uniform acceleration from 0 to 16mph to get out of the store premises living his own car behind.

   pulling out of the Drive way into the Road he applied a little pressure on the brake paddle, he looked at his phone to confirm if his destination was correct. Acting so composed in a pressure filled situation like this, he adjust the front mirror so he could see her completely. laying there with water running out of her vagina, feeling a little loopy from the pain "you're going to be fine ok? stay with me" Tariq said. she moan in response to assure him that she's still conscious, he pushes the acceleration paddle and swive into the road, the sudden motion made her feel a little ease as there's nothing stopping them from getting there except the distance and Road.

    "is grocery shopping the only reason why you didn't go to the Hospital earlier today?" Tariq said to keep a conversation so she don't fall asleep, "you wouldn't believe it, I actually forget today was my baby's due date but I had it in mind to head to the hospital after grocery shopping, besides I needed to get a few things before heading to the hospital". she said enduring little pain coming from her abdomen.

     7 mins into the drive, a sudden push on the brake paddle by Tariq responding to the red light signal to stop every incoming vehicle. she jolt up saying "how far are we from the hospital" ashamed of the amount of water coming out of Vagina and wetting the car sit as it was made of leather and felt Cold when it came in contact with her skin. Picking his phone out of the cup holder, he observed the time left to make it to their destination and said "only 14 minutes left and we'll be there, Are you sure you're ok?, just breath and you'll be fine".

     "I'm fine" she said raising her head a little but to see how many seconds left for the traffic light to turn yellow and then Green. her eyes caught a glimpse of 33 seconds and counting down, she brought down her head in disappointment saying "I'm glad we're not having this experience at night, it would have been really scary, I hope nothing happens to the baby". knowing how she felt at that moment Tariq responded quickly "Nothing is going to happen to the baby. Everything is going to be fine, you don't need to worry, I'll drive as fast as I can and we'll be there sooner than the Phone map predicted".

  13 12 11 10 says the seconds countdown on the traffic light, his mind unconsciously drifting and pondering on other things he could be doing instead of sitting In a woman's car waiting for the lights to go green. looking to his side was a car identical to his arriving at the traffic, you could say it was his car arriving at the stop, it's a new black Ford raptor exactly the same. 

   he felt uncomfortable because that was the first time he came across a truck identical to his and due to the mind game being played on him, it triggered an uncomfortable feeling. "the vehicle on the left looks exactly like my truck, I'm feeling really weird RN" said Tariq . Ember tries to gain balance with the urge to push something big out of her vagina said nothing. 

   3 2 1 the lights turn green and the Truck he mistook for his own was the first to leave the traffic with high speed acceleration. ignoring the fact that he believes that is his car, he pushed the acceleration paddle and moved uniformly straight across the road intersection, paying close attention to the map on his phone. 

   After a 14 minutes drive they finally arrive at Dr Gregory's Hospital, yelling after parking in front of the building "it's an emergency, I have a pregnant woman here with me in labor". He opens the vehicle door to prove what he was saying is true not a lie.

   As the door opens a wave of warm air enters the vehicle causing her to gain consciousness and final relief that they've arrived at the hospital, few seconds after he yelled for help because carrying her all by himself wouldn't be easy and it might harm the baby. rushing out of the hospital Came two male nurses with a stretcher to help ease the movement of the woman to the labor ward. "why wasn't she brought to the hospital earlier today?, all this wouldn't have happened" said one of the nurse thinking Tariq was her husband. Tariq raise his hands slightly above his chest and away from his body signing 'I don't know'.

   One of the nurses, went around the car, signaled Tariq to help open the door so they could easily put the woman on the stretcher and he did so. with the strength of both nurses and a little help from Tariq they easily transferred the woman to the stretcher from the car, the nurse got out of the vehicle to help push the stretcher into the hospital. Tariq froze looking at her laying there on the stretcher looking unconscious and wondering how much trouble he'll be in or have to go through to prove he's just someone who decided to help a pregnant lady.

   in a 2-3 second of quick thinking by Tariq, he felt a warm and wet slow grip around his wrist. He looked down sharply noticing it was her and looked to her face as she forcefully pushed a few words out "please don't live me here alone, I need you".

Tariq as a sensitive man trying to hold back tears "I would never leave you here, not in this condition" "Don't worry you and the baby will be fine I promise, you're in Good hands". 

    After the short dialog between Tariq and Ember Ended. both the nurses started pushing on the stretcher. vibrating throughout her body as the tires of the stretcher courses through a small part of rough concrete on the floor of the parking space. Tariq use his other hand to secure the firm grip on his wrist initiated by Ember. pouring words of consolation and compliments to take her mind of the present situation as they pushed her stretcher inside the hospital.

     inside the hospital the nurses all stood still to watch the couple who yelled outside and saw that it was a serious case too. he held her hand so firmly that she could only pay attention to how firm he held her, while she was laying being pushed through the reception of the hospital. she wondered what a kind man Tariq must be to help this far.

    after a few steps in the hospital Tariq asked "are we heading straight to the delivery ward or somewhere else" "she's registered here month into her pregnancy so all the arrangements has been made until now. all that remain is for someone to cover the bill payment and sign some papers" said the nurse "I'll Take care of the bills and sign any paper I could, just make sure she make a safe delivery".

    the cart vibration reduced compared to what happened outside at the parking space, they arrived at a door and Tariq was force to wait outside incase of any instruction. while they went inside the Delivery ward.

    bed number 2 was reserved for her, the nurses transferred her from the stretcher to the bed, one nurse headed out to inform the doctor about the pregnancy situation. the doctor instructed him to inform the two delivery nurses should be there before I get there, he said while putting on the doctor's uniform. the nurse ran down stairs to inform the nurses of the doctors instruction.

    the other nurse did so well in arranging every equipment need for her safe delivery, pulling the drip stand with a pant of Drip to stop her from being thirsty and requesting for food. he took her by the hand pulling out a drip pin, he tie a knot around her upper arm to make sure the veins were visible and then sanitize the area to be pierced with medicated spirit. 

    "ughush" Ember expressed as the Drip pin pierced through the top layer of the sanitized area of the skin and then her vein. 

    Tariq who don't like to be put In weird situations went back to a vending machine to get water, coming back to his sit he saw a doctor and two female nurses heading towards the delivery ward in haste. he increased his foot step trying to catch up with them but was asked to wait outside.

    ward door slams as Both the nurses and Ember look towards the door in haste as the doctor walked with two nurses. "you're not Dr Gregory" Ember stated "Dr Gregory is not always here, he has other businesses to run. there are many Doctors here Qualified to help you out of the current situation nurses too, that's if you don't want me helping you deliver" "never mind carry on" she said.

    Doctor Shawn order the delivery nurses to change her clothes, after every moan and auditory complain was heard while changing the outfit she was wearing to the hospital patient uniform.

    she was placed in a position where her leg stood up against the bed and her back laying relaxed, the 'Delivery pose'. she watches as the doctor put on a new glove, walking towards he to start the delivery process, every step he took ryhme with the harmony of her heart beat. she suddenly lost faith and doubted if the baby in her was still alive because she had not felt any kick or turn coming from her abdomen.

    The Doctor bend to sit in front of the widely open vagina and gave the command to start pushing the baby out, with all certainty that all Is going to be fine. he yelled "push" the two delivery nurses followed saying "push" "push" . Ember groaning in pain obeyed their order to push with as much strength as possible, trying her best to ignore the pain.

   Tariq sitting with total discomfort hearing sound both moan and Groaning followed by the word "push", as he Drank the bottled water he bought at the vending machine.

   "keep pushing" said the Doctor, Ember's face going red and veins popping out on her forehead, trying to push the baby out. "I can see the head, push a little more, we'll be done in less than 20 minutes" said the Doctor.

   Tariq still uncomfortable with the whole situation knowing that she's not his wife stood up and headed towards the reception to start a conversation saying "she not my wife". I saw her finding it difficult to get out of her car because she was heavily pregnant. The nurse receptionist eye brow raises as he told what happened, noticing how excited she was hearing it, made him Change the conversation. "how much does it cost to deliver here, coz I must say it a very clean hospital".

    "An average person wouldn't want to deliver here because, they might be Robbed of their life savings trying to give birth in a fancy hospital". she said bracing him for the price she's about to tell him. "I knew that since I walked in here that it's an investment made by a billionaires" she smiled as she open the computer to pull out the price for Delivery. "it says here that Delivery fee plus mother and child support all together was $4299.99. he raised his eye brows and said "ok so how much does she owe or have not paid for yet?" "for today she has an outstanding fee of $1499.99" said the nurse "I think I'll cover the payment for now, where do I go to make payments" said Tariq , "you can pay here" the nurse stated. tariq said "ok" putting his hand in his pocket with doubt that his Debit card was with him.

    Finally found the Card in the last pocket his going to search before going crazy about his missing. he gave the card to receptionist/ cashier, she swiped it and everything was paid for. flirting with the receptionist asking "when are off days, and do you go out on your off day?" said Tariq 

 smiling she said "my off days are usually Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I love going out, especially when there's someone to Take me out". "ok write down your number so we can keep in touch with each other". she quickly picked up a paper and wrote it down.

    heading back to the chair in front of the maternity ward, he heard a loud moan like someone has been lifted from his/her burden followed by a sweet soothing cry of an infant just brought into the world. "Ember delivered safely thank God" Tariq said.

    the Doctor compliment Ember that she is a strong woman to be able to experience all this and survived it, she smiled to show appreciation for the compliment.

    Tariq sitting there for extra 6 Minutes he stood up promptly as the Doctor came out of the maternity ward "can I see her now?" Tariq said "you'll get to see her eventually after they're done cleaning her up and the baby in 10 -20 mins time" said the doctor "ok" said Tariq

    using warm water to wash Ember's body to remove blood stains and other things that comes with it. the other nurse helps in cleaning the baby's body "it's a baby boy" said the other nurse "I know let me see him" Ember said stretching her hand towards her beautiful baby boy. 

   she was filled with so much joy as she felt an instant connection with the baby knowing that the child is hers, she kissed the child's fore head and pulled out one breast to the feed him. After a few minutes of awkward moment , the other nurse said "I'm done here try to stay hydrate and remember all you have learnt from us. 

     stepping out of the delivery ward Tariq rushed up to the nurse asking her if he can see her "we're done with everything she's resting, also feeding the baby and yes you can go in" the nurse said. Tariq heard and became filled with joy that the stress is over, he walked in with a special birthday song for the baby and affection for the mother. 

    after singing the birth song, he was hoping to make the baby crack a smile, forgetting it's an infant and then stopped. so much tears held from the beginning of the journey till the end, tears close to coming out of the woman's eye, "when I remember how we met and all that you did to help me, I feel like shedding tears, I'm so sorry for the stress I put you through" the woman said.

   "Don't cry ok? I'll always be here for you, to help and probably run errands for you" Tariq said. "don't you have any one you call from home, I hope you haven't been spending time alone since your pregnancy?".Tariq said

"why did it not cross my mind?, thanks for reminding me, it's my cousin sister Emily, weve been together about a year or two." Ember expressed "here's her number call her, tell her to come over to Dr Gregory's Hospital ASAP!".

    " I could go pick her up from home that's if you don't mind" Tariq stated "please don't leave I don't want to be alone in this conditions, I might need you later before she comes" Ember winked at him after completing her statement. "ok I'll call to pass message to her" said Tariq.

    Emily was home listening to loud Rock music, wearing a really short gown because of the heat, with body moving in perfect harmony with they music. suddenly a brief pause to the music notified her that someone must be calling, she pick up the phone saying "I haven't received a phone call in a while, I hope he's cute" said Emily before answer the call.

   "hello Emily how are you doing? I'm with Your sister here at Dr, Gregory's Hospital, her water broke in front of walmark I had to drive her down to the hospital," Tariq described the situation " ok I'll be on my way just give me 20 mins tops". she hurriedly left the dishes unwashed, hoping Ember yells when she sees it.

    "hurry up Emily," he said while thinking of how he's going to get his truck because Ember wants him to hang around till emily gets here, Tariq feeling a bit of anxiety looking on and off his wrist watch because no man is ever comfortable living their car behind in public places especially when it's filled with groceries sitting out there under the sun like a pot of gold waiting to be found.

    silence spread across the ward as they're the only ones there, Ember watching Tariq's body language. paying close attention to him enough to notice that he didn't even reach out to carry the baby for a little while as a caring man he is, although the baby has been cleaned up.

    "Do you need anything?" Ember asked in a very low tone, "huh" Tariq responded, rushing out of the random thoughts in his mind. "you could go get some food at the cafeteria, that's if you're hungry" said Ember "that sounds great, take care of yourself ok? I'll back" Tariq responded while leaving the ward to the cafeteria you'd think he knew where it is.

    Remembering that he didn't ask the pregnant lady what she wanted eat, or get at the cafeteria. he rushed back into the ward after taking 2 steps outside it, "can I get your anything?" Tariq asked and she responded "just get me a bag of Lays chips and sprite" 

"that can't be all you want to eat after going through so much stress, I'm not the pregnant person here but I can tell how stressful it was and it was really stressful" "I'll get your bag of chips and Soda and improvise on the next thing you're going to eat after the chip appetizers." Tariq added.

    he then head towards the receptionist again to ask for directions, "hey beautiful" Tariq compliment her. she smiling so sheepishly nodded her head in other not to burst into laughter, "can you point me in the direction of cafeteria please?" Tariq asked "down the hallway the fourth door to your left, that's the cafeteria" she concluded "Thank you" Tariq said.

    heading to the cafeteria he couldn't help but notice how well organized the hospital and the paint display proving that it is indeed a hospital. very close to the second door to the left in the hallway, a female nurse suddenly came out the door she saw Tariq she got so scared she almost threw all the documents she held. letting that slide he complimented everything saying "clean hospital, beautiful nurses" he confirmed.

     Getting to the Cafe door, as a man that don't enjoy crowd, he stood a bit to soak in the random voices and sounds coming out of the cafeteria. he then opened the door and the people matched the number he had in mind, sending greetings as a gentleman to all the people he made eye contact with, while heading towards the counter. the cafeteria was divided into two sections, the part where food and grills are made and a little supermarket at the otherside. he went straight to place an order for two burgers, with a piece chicken with chips on the side, hoping it'll be ready after he gets the bag of chips at the small supermarket.

    "I need two bottles of sprite and one big bag of lays chips" said tariq. "would that be all" the store cashier asked after getting everything together. Tariq nodded in agreement. she put it in a white nylon bag. then he sat waiting for the burgers he ordered to be done because he has not had anything solid to eat today. 

    after a long 10-12 minutes wait his names sound bold and loud coming out of the chef's mouth, jolt him out of the quick rest he was in. he was invited to come pick up his burgers, chicken and fries and make payments for it. handing out his card to the cashier, he mentioned all he got for lunch. after typing in his pin the transaction was made, a quick vibration followed by a ping sound confirms that the transaction went successfully. he walked to the doors after collecting his, hoping that Ember would love what he bought for her.

    A hard push on the delivery ward doors brought back Ember from her quick nap with the baby sucking on her breast, after observing him with two bags "what is In the other bag?" she asked "more food" Tariq said "I got your bag of chips and sprite" Tariq said taking them out and placing it on her hospital bed, "and I went ahead and got burgers for the both of us. Her eyes lit up hearing that he got burgers "thank you very much, I never knew they sold burgers at the cafeteria, I would have told you to get it" ember said "you never asked" Tariq Ended. revealing the Burgers in the second leather bag.

   after a few minutes of muching, drinking, swallowing and joyous laughter that made every thing lively. a sudden vibration followed by a ring tone, "I think your phone is ringing" Ember said, Tariq picked up the phone revealing to Ember that Emily is the one calling.  

     his heart raising because he had already concluded that she must be waiting outside the hospital ,plus the pressure of meeting a woman you've never seen only talked to over the phone, hoping she was pretty he passed the phone to Ember to tell her what to do. 

    Ember swiftly slide the dial towards green answering the call saying "hello Emily", "hey sis" Emily said so casually because there's little to no age gap between the two of them.

"I'm outside the hospital, do I wait so he'd come pick me up or ask directions from one of the nurses?" Emily asked. Ember very smart understanding that Tariq wouldn't want to be the one to go get her outside "head to the reception and ask for the maternity ward, you'll find us here." Ember said. Tariq tensed knowing that Emily would be someone he'd like, took a quick deep breath his ritual technique to end anxiety as Ember ended the phone call.

    During the few minutes it would take Emily to walk from the entrance to the maternity ward, every footstep and push against the translucent tempered glass doors to the ward, made Tariq's heart skip a beat thinking it was her. after four opening and closing of the maternity ward doors, few minutes into a new conversation with Ember, As a shadow was casted below the doors of the wall Tariq noticed standing for three seconds. afterwards she sounded a slight and gentle knock on the translucent tempered glass doors followed by a hard push against it. 

   coming in was a tall white lady with the body that Tariq would describe as his 'type of woman', a tall lady with a beautiful face, very accurate size of breast that suits her body and a perfect size hips and ass.

    "After having such a stressful day helping a woman he barely know lead him to meeting the woman of his Dreams, what a STRANGE ENCOUNTER it is" Tariq thought to himself.


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