Importance of Sports

The mind and body cannot perform their duties properly, unless they are not in good condition. The body needs fitness and the best way to keep the body fit is to exercise and play games and sports. 

There is a great importance and value of games and sports in the mental and physical fitness. Greeks were instrumental in excelling and shaping the human body most beautifully. They were Geeks, Who started the Olympic games. Thus modern Olympics were also held first time in 1896 in Athens, Capital of Greece. 

Sports are now essential part of human activity. The sports and games give the lesson of discipline. The discipline gained in playing the games is invaluable in the life. Sports teach, co-operation and team work which can be used for building a great society and a strong nation. 

The games and sports are necessary for individuals either young or old. It is beautiful to watch that our educational institutions are giving great importance to the games. The sports and games not only make healthy and strong, but they teach us how to use energy in the right way. 

The sports and games sharpen an individual’s intelligence. They cultivate a person’s character. They create decisiveness in us. They teach perseverance. 

The sportsman learns to respect his opponents. 

In every game one has to respect the rules or games which makes a person law abiding citizen. In a games one must play fair, which will teach him to be fair and hones in every day dealing, During a game of sport each player tries his best for the glory of his team or nation, not for his own fame, which teaches him sacrifices. 

The games and sports are of great value and importance, because they not only make us healthy and strong, but create all noble qualities among us. 



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