Importants of yoga in life

Sometimes the right information can change a person's life. We see many such people around us or in the society who have made their life happy through yoga.

There are many yoga postures and asanas which can keep a person young and feet for a long time. Yoga exercises are broadly divided into three classes – yoga asanas (asanas), yoga breathing (pranayama) and meditation.  These classes include physical, psychological and biochemical effects.  Furthermore, practitioners contrast these effects to Western practices of jogging, cardio exercise and weight training, and search for comparable effects.

 All things considered, yoga poses have a lot of benefits as it aims to improve our condition and prevent diseases.

While this is true, yoga postures are good for strengthening our

Yoga is a good exercise for the muscles, but medical research has proved that yoga is a boon both physically and mentally.  Yoga removes stress and gets good sleep, appetite is good, not only this, digestion is also correct.

 The body focuses on the thighs, knees and ankles.  If you get used to doing yogasanas daily, it is expected that your bones will respond immediately. Pranayama refers to breathing control in yoga.  In this yoga Om is defined as the means of binding or controlling the breath and the mind using the syllable.  The extreme in yoga, in this case, is the practice of fasting, breath control and asanas to transcend the body, not its cultivation.  Asanas are body postures that are contemplative in nature and designed to align the body and bring about optimum position for relaxation.

Looking beautiful is also very important for women, many of them are practicing to achieve great shape and size in their bodies.

It is important for you to be comfortable to do yoga asanas properly.  Keep the mind, mind and body all three things relaxed.  For this, the pants and T-shirt worn during yoga should be of your fitting only.  Pants should be soft and stretchy so that you do not face any problem in yoga.

By doing yoga asanas get rid of sciatica wonderfully.  These are some pains that cannot be stopped.  If you do yoga occasionally and regularly, you probably won't notice back or muscle pain.  and you

  Here are some techniques on how to maintain a good yoga position.

 Just follow these steps to understand the yoga position completely and be able to execute it in a proper way.

Tadasana is usually the primary yoga position for all standing poses.  Applying tansana is especially beneficial in applying mudras.  Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then breathing easily if it is acceptable.

Method of Tadasana Yoga Steps of Tadasana Yoga

Method – First of all, stand straight with the help of your feet.

Make a little space between your two feet.

After that, with a long breath, with the help of the fingers of your feet, raise the body slightly and raise both your hands slowly.  After that, connect the fingers of the other hand with the fingers of one hand.

Stay in this posture for at least 15-30 seconds and pull your body up.

After that slowly bring your hands to the normal position

 Utkatasana- Utkatasana is to make the core itself stand like a chair.  This asana brings strength and beauty to the thighs and back of the body.  Those who have knee pain or blood pressure disease should not do this asana.

Naukasana- In this asana one has to make himself in the shape of a boat for a few seconds.  This asana is beneficial for the whole body, especially 


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