In order to have financial luck in your life, it is worth paying attention to the habits.

Experts say that these habits bring you only good luck and profit. Signs of fortune in this way portend you incredible financial fortune.


If you often lose gloves, earrings or other personal items, do not be sorry. Such things can bring you financial success, profit or your project can finish faster with the result you want.If you have broken dishes on a great church holiday, it will bring only good luck to your home. Only the shards should be collected by the owner of the house, and take them out immediately over the threshold.


You are in the habit of looking at the numbers of the bills, there is nothing wrong with that. There are numbers on bills that magnetically attract your financial well-being. If you find a bill with three 7s or three 5s, be sure to put it in your wallet. Very soon you will be successful.


And even more financial prosperity may bring you personally a coin. If you see the exact date of your birth on it, keep it as a talisman.


Experts say that such things are energetically powerful, and your habits are very correct in order to become more successful. 

There are many studies and books on how to succeed, how to become a successful person. Alas, in them there is no answer to the main question. And that is because there is no secret to success. Richard St. John, the author of the book "Big Eight" and the organizer of the most large-scale study of successful people, is convinced of this. The writer and businessman talked to 500 millionaires and champions from various spheres and derived eight rules that made them the best in their business. Wealth came later.


Love your business, not your money.


More precisely, it is not even a love, but a passion for what you do. Not working from 9 to 18 on weekdays, waiting for the shift to end. On the contrary, the desire to work longer, more productively and better. Even on weekends, even at night.


"The only way to true satisfaction is through work that you consider outstanding. And the only way for work to be outstanding is through your love of what you do," the writer quotes Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.The author of the book also interviewed current U.S. President Donald Trump. "I just love what I do, and if you love what you do, you will give it your all. And then people say, 'Uh-oh, you're a guy with ambition,'" he said. I wonder how Trump feels about his current job?


The goal is to enjoy 80 percent of my job. The other 20% is a chore you can't do without. If the ratio is different, you're not doing your job, the writer believes.


2. Work and work again.


Labor is the price of admission to the territory of success, and all successful people, regardless of the field, work hard, writes the author of the study.


"We worked on our search engine 24 hours a day. Inspiration alone is not enough for success. It's 90% of working up a sweat," says Google co-founder Larry Page.

All successful people work longer than others. But you can't call them workaholics. They are more of a workaholic. Because they get joy out of their work.


The famous investor Warren Buffett, 86, one of the richest men on the planet, could have retired a long time ago, but his love of his work keeps him from doing it. He says, "When I go to my office every morning, I feel like I'm going to the Sistine Chapel to paint frescoes. Do you feel something similar on your way to work?


3. Concentrate on what's important.


Most people are atomized. They want to try their hand at everything. End up knowing everything, but little by little. Successful people, on the contrary, concentrate on one thing. But they become the best at it. The world-famous cyclist Lance Armstrong does not play ball well, but who cares as long as he pedals faster than anyone else?


Concentration is as much about choosing a main goal as it is about reacting to distractions along the way. Writer Stephen King says, "If you want to be a writer, you shouldn't have a phone in your office, and you certainly shouldn't have a TV or stupid distracting video games. If there's a window, drape it with a curtain or pull down the blinds." If you are not a writer but an office worker, this is not always possible. But limiting everything that distracts from the main task is possible for many.


4. Overcome Yourself


Your biggest rival on the road to success is yourself. Learn to fight yourself. First, you need to set ambitious goals. Second, set strict deadlines.


"Director James Cameron often says, 'The harder the task, the more interesting I am. Solving the incredibly difficult problems involved in making the film epic Titanic took him to the pinnacle of world cinematic fame, bringing him a bunch of Oscars," writes Richard St. John.


Other factors also push him to achieve more. For example, competition.


5. Listen and write down ideas


Business is a very creative thing. And entrepreneurs are even more creative than artists. The consumer does not like trivialities. They want something fresh and out of the ordinary. Ideas don't just pop into their heads. Successful people have learned to listen and accept the ideas of others. And then use them to their advantage.


"I constantly learn from successful people, so now I carry a notebook and a couple of pens with me in case one of them runs out of paste. I also keep a little digital recorder with me at all times. And I can honestly tell you, if I ever have a great idea, I won't let it go," says Richard St. John, who himself has worked in advertising for many years and has received several professional awards.




6. Improve Yourself


Get better every day - that's an axiom that all successful people know. Golf superstar Tiger Woods said: "Ask yourself on December 31: Did I play better than I did on January 1 of that same year? If the answer is yes, then it was a successful year. And if you work that way forever, you'll move up one notch every year."


To become better at what you do, you need to constantly practice, hone your skills. So if you are now writing a business plan for your own life, the word "Self-improvement" should be on the cover," emphasizes the author of the book.


7. Be Useful.


Look at the lists of American billionaires, and you will realize that most of them have made fortunes providing people with the services they need. Bill Gates offers the software we need, Sam Walton gives discounts at his Wal-Mart chain of stores. Some become millionaires by offering people good budget products, like Ingvar Kamprad, founder of the international hypermarket chain IKEA, who sells furniture to millions of consumers.


To make a lot of money, it is not enough just to do what you love, believes Richard St. John. You have to offer people what they love. After all, they are paying you for your services. And the more they like those services, the more they're willing to pay.


8. Show persistence without looking back.


All successful people have made mistakes. You can't do without them. But some take a long time to get over them. And some shake the dirt off their jacket and get back on track.


"Failure sometimes hurts. The choice is yours: you can learn something or crawl quietly into the graveyard. It's your university if you choose to learn your lesson and move forward. It is your graveyard if you put your hands down and retreat. Even if you don't like learning, it is far better than death. That's why many successful people see failure as their university," sums up the author of The Big Eight.


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