In Serbia they made the Soviet "Strela-10M" anti-aircraft system low-noticeable

The Soviet Strela-10M air defense missile system has been upgraded. At the international exhibition of arms and military equipment "Partner-2021" in Serbia a new version of the SAM was shown, which was made low-visibility.

The combat vehicle was equipped with a passive radar, which detects air targets by their own radiation. This reduced the visibility of the SAM on the battlefield for enemy detection equipment.

The standard sighting system of the combat vehicle has given way to a new device with a laser rangefinder and a thermal imaging channel. The SAM was also equipped with an upgraded 9M37M missile. This has broadened its strike zone in terms of altitude and range.

The Serbian military has a small number of "Strela-10M" SAMs at its disposal. It is likely that the upgraded complex has been developed for foreign customers.

In early October, ships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy went out for exercises in the Sea of Japan. In the course of training exercises, the crews were to practice the use of Fort, Osa and Kynzhal anti-aircraft missile systems.


In September, it became known that work was underway to upgrade the SAM system, which was aimed at improving its combat characteristics.


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