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I am not a fan of the game franchise Pabg but played, I generally liked the game, but as in many games have their own minus so called bugs glitches encountered by many players, we decided to ask gamemans and got the answer.

We were told this. "I play Pabg on the PC and phone I like to play everywhere, but I often meet cheaters and bug fans, I snimi very bad to play, I would like to developers as soon as they all banned and zdelali good protection" we read it and of course we hope for developers hope that they will deal with this problem.

But we are here on another issue about the game which came out 2021 pubg new stets more say that this is the game of the year, and some say that the game is a failure let's look at the reviews.

Reviews: "I play pugg mobyle me the game very zosla, I would have played the pc version but I do not have the means, and the mobile version in principle is normal. I play moboy with the first season, I met cheaters, bagojuserov, etc.. Developers like all this fixed. When Pubg new stets came out, I was waiting just after I heard about it waited, waited, waited, just skochat played came in, I immediately liked the game was a lot of minuses, was that the game crashed and glitched and meets bugs but the game came out just now, and in the mobile too, this met, but the new game so do not say anything about it, every game is, so I like it put 5 stars.

Here is a review of the new game, we hope that the game will continue to grow and to give our players.

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