In this article I will tell you how to make money on the proxy service affiliate program

We will make money with the help of affiliate programs of Proxy services, for example, such an affiliate program as Proxy6. All this is relevant because proxies at the moment are quite a necessary thing. Somebody in the country may have a problem with access to some sites, somebody needs them for his own earning schemes (for example, arbitrageurs), etc.

As you can see, for comfortable and effective engagement of people worked out such nuances as the type of link (without referral aidi), as well as promocode, thanks to the presence of which firstly is a discount (which is very disposable and speaks of the uniqueness of the proposal), and secondly allows you to simply post without active link, writing only the site name and promocode:


Then you register, make a profile and go to the affiliate program, there you will find your promo code and your unique ref. link.

Now let's move on to what you need to do without significant investment of funds in the purchase of advertising to attract active referrals and their daily earnings.

The royalties in this affiliate program generous, it is 30% of any payments to your referrals, who are secured to you for life. In the work not with referral link, but through the affiliate coupon (promo code), the system will still understand that the people come from you and will automatically assign them to you.

So you can not be afraid of being blocked for alleged spam. We will involve all organically and openly.

Where do you find our interested people?

We take a universal way, in which we will both help people and get new referrals, as our information will be available to all future and new users on our theme. Let's go to these services:



Other similar services you will find yourself.



I think you've grasped the principle. It is necessary to answer people within the service itself answers, and give their coupons, Yandex is loyal to the links, and here at is strongly against it, so that there you can immediately answer only coupons, without reference, only having written the name of the site.

Your answers are seen by all, even if you stop going there, it will hang there and bring you new users.


In addition to the proxy, you can also connect another affiliate program, such as website hosting, which also has such a system with coupons.

Also, do not limit yourself to answer sites, you have social networks, especially pay attention to Yandex Zen and YouTube, because from there you can attract people all the time, as long as your videos are hanging.

Also, you can first engage in active commenting on YouTube channels in the subject, where the audience will be interested in proxies and sites. Do not forget about Vkontakte and the method of commenting through a unique hashtag on communities arbitrageurs, any netiviks and others, most importantly do not write as if this advertising, better as a recommendation. 

In general, there are many moments, try and implement.


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