**Dearest Heavenly Father, I humbly come to You today,

In Your wonderful name continue, to make better, our precious Goo.

Make this virus vanish forever Lord, never returning in any way,

I give You all the glory, I believe it to be true.

   **And what we may ask for in Your name, it shall be given unto me,

You, my Lord created her, with Your mighty & wonderful hands.

In Your name I ask come down oh, God, from this illness SET HER FREE,

Satan you're banished in Jesus' name,

From our Gracie as our Father commands!

**So I praise You & exhault You Almighty One,

Thank you for Your blessings that I'm about to receive.

Knowing our child is better, by Your will it shall be done,

In You my God are exhaulted, & in You I do believe. 

©Melissa Darsey


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