Incredible finds at the bottom of the ocean

Discovery #1

In 2007, Odyssey was able to recover an incredible 15 tons of gold and silver from a Spanish ship that sank in 1804. The find was valued at a handsome sum of $500 million. 


The treasure was returned to Spain by court order.


Discovery #2

In 2012, Greg Brooks - the famous treasure hunter announced an incredible find at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean - the ship "Port Nicholson", which sank during the Second World War. So far, it has not been possible to lift the cargo from the ship, but it is believed that in the 30 crates up to the top there is about $3 billion worth of platinum! For some reason, the project was scrapped, though the underwater survey clearly shows ingots that are very reminiscent of platinum.


Finding #3.

In 1941, the SS Gairsoppa was sunk not far from the coast of Ireland. On her board was a very large amount of silver. After 70 years, the approximate location of the ship was established. Not so long ago this year they raised a couple of tens of tons of precious metal, and last year's haul was more substantial - 48 tons of silver. But this is not the whole load...


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