Indestructible Beer Glasses by Lazy spa brought to you by Collins Wholesalers

You can obtain each pack of four of these glasses for a fraction at £12.90 for the group. These beautiful decadent shimmering crystal clear fluid holders will support 440 millilitres of your beverages. 


These containers do not pose any health and safety risks as you can enjoy your pleasures without the danger of hazarding your party guests out and about in open spaces. 


The UK can boast about making these next to invincible holders for you and the whole family this Christmas time. They are made with polycarbonate, so they will be used for a long time to come by yourself and loved ones. Get your festivities on with these exclusive delights this Black Friday in time for Christmas and New Year celebrations. 


They are dishwasher proof and are perfectly packaged in an elegant container that will suit your needs and requirements this time of year. 


Only £12.90 for four including VAT, you can also get a 5% discount if you buy 6 to 11 packs of them or a 10% discount for more. 


This astounding offer won’t last forever get yours right now by heading to collinswholesale .co .uk.


Thank you for your attention to detail I really appreciate you spending your valuable time reading my content. 


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