India Independence Day (15 August 2021)

India gained independence from British rule on August 15, 1947. As India freed herself from the clutches of the British empire, the whole country roared in happiness, marking the reign of an independent and free land, away from the terror rule of the 200-year British rule.

Independence Day is celebrated in India

As Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the freedom of India from the rule of the British empire, millions of people from all walks of life have flocked to the streets to celebrate it, all across the country. Several television channels, media outlets, radio stations and newspapers broadcast special programmes and exhibitions to commemorate the day, with focus on the liberation of India. Independence Day – Tuesday August 15 As the day marks the historic freedom from the rule of the British empire, many people call the day Independence Day. The independence was achieved on August 15, 1947. The Act of Independence On August 15, 1947, the British prime minister, Lord Louis Mountbatten, officially handed the majority of India's princely states over to India to govern.


Facts about Independence Day

India celebrates its Independence Day every year on August 15. The day is marked with the biggest rally -- the Independence Day Parade -- held in the heart of New Delhi, which ends at India Gate, with a short prayer session held at the Raj Ghat.


Who are the people celebrating this day?

Indian citizens from all walks of life came together to celebrate the day and to recall the struggle and the sacrifices made by the millions of citizens who fought for their country's freedom. Today India is a land of women with high literacy rate. Its women are living a life of freedom and equality. The struggles and sacrifices made by Indian women, men and children is what sets the Indian Independence Day apart. Let's remember the many chapters in Indian history which have shaped India and transformed its future. History Indian Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of India's historic Independence Ordinance by the Parliament of India.


What do people do on independence day?

One of the most celebrated days on the Indian calendar is Independence Day, as every Indian celebrates it with great zeal and enthusiasm. During the independence day, all the citizens take out rallies to show their full support and salute the independence that India was granted. Independence Day is celebrated throughout India with massive flag hoisting ceremonies and parades. Apart from that, there are various programmes and events which take place. One such event is ‘Gandhi Jayanti’, celebrated on October 2 every year. 8. Mahavir Jayanti 1st October Guru Govind Singh Ji, the 10th master of Khalsa community, is worshipped by Indians on this day as the first Sikh guru and a role model for all citizens. All the festivities related to the festivals are kept under control. 9.


Why is it important to celebrate this?

India Independence Day is considered one of the most important days in the country's history and is celebrated to honour the people who fought, sacrificed, fought, and died for this freedom. A whole nation rejoices in India's victory over England. So, here are some questions that you may have as we look back at India's Independence Day, 1947: * What is the significance of the day? * What happened? What was the key event that led to India gaining independence from the British rule? * What does Independence Day really mean for the country's culture? * Who did the people of India fight for India's independence? * When was the independence day in India celebrated and how is it celebrated now? * What is Independence Day? * Why do people fight for Independence in India?



On this significant day, I wish you all happy and healthy Independence Day. So, on this day, let us mark it with no hatred, no malice, and make it a day of celebration, peace and prosperity for the country. P.S. The practice of receiving gifts is neither mandatory nor suggested. In fact, the presents being sent to family and friends and being received by them is a personal choice and this can happen only if the person receiving the gift knows you enough. I still remember the day when I was 13 years old. It was on August 15, 1997, when my parents gave me their best wishes for the coming Independence Day and also one of my cousins gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and gifted me a copper cutlery set in the middle of August.


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