India then and now

The country with less then 20 per cent of literacy rate now has the capacity of hoisting more than 315 million students which is the largest in the whole world. Our country has progressed in so many other sectors like sports, enterpreneurship, industries and etc. Enterpreneurs like Sir Mukesh Ambani, Sir Ratan Tata, Sir Aditya Birla and many more have also contributed in making India a powerful country and they also made India proud in the whole world. The country which only had GDP of ₹2,939 billion, now has GDP of ₹56,330 billion. After independence India's economy boosted and lifted millions of people from povery and is fifth fastest growing economy in the whole world till now. In 1998 India became a complete nuclear power by conducting operation Shakti successfully. Our space organisation have also achieved so many milestones and made India proud in the whole world. Only because of Isro and it's scientists who worked day and night, India became first country to reach mars in the first attempt in september 2014 through mangalyaan. Sir Vikram Sarabhai, Sir APJ Abdul Kalam and their brilliant team assembeled first ever rocket of India with the help of cycles and bullock carts and launched first ever space rocket from Thumba, a small rural pocket of Kerela. After 6 six years of launching this space rocket ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) was formed on 15th august 1969 and launched its first satellite "Aryabhata" with the help of russian launchpad on 19th april 1975. Now Isro has became 4th best space organisation in the whole world and has it's own launchpads  and launching vehicles (SLV, PSLV and GSLV) in 2017 ISRO made world record by sending 104 satellites of India, Kazakisthan, UAE, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Israel through on launching vehicle. The organisation which launched it's satellites with the help of other countries' launching vehicles is now helping other countries by launching their satellites in their own launching vehicles. Government is still working hard on education by making more and more government schools and giving scholarships to the students who can't afford the fees of schools. The literacy has increased and reached to more than 80 per cent of the population. Still there are so many changes to be made and more development is needed to make India a developed country. Our army has now developed so much and is 4th strongest in the whole world. Right now our country's army is capable of giving a very strong back answer to the country which tries to attack on us by other and illegal techniques. For example Kargil War and URI-the surgical strike. In sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football and many other sports our country has progressed so much. Specially in Cricket India has progressed too much. india is a land full of tallented people. In India you will find tallent in each and every street.


If each and every tallented person invests their tallent in India then no one will be able to stop our country to be the best country in the whole world.....


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