influence of technological progress

By: Saefullah, S. Kom

Teacher of Informatics at MTs Negeri 3 Cilegon


Human life that started from simplicity has now become a life that can be categorized as very modern. In the era of increasingly sophisticated information and communication technology that is developing today, everything can be solved in practical ways. Information and communication technology is something that is useful to facilitate all aspects of human life. The world of information today seems to be inseparable from technology. The use of information and communication technology by society makes the world of technology increasingly sophisticated.


The world of information today seems to be inseparable from technology. The use of technology by society makes the world of technology increasingly sophisticated. Communication that used to take a long time to deliver, now with technology everything becomes very fast and seems to be without distance.


With this rapid technological advancement, the saying that "The world is not as wide as a Moringa leaf" should be changed to "The world is as wide as a Moringa leaf". This is due to the faster access to information in everyday life. We can find out what is happening in other regions or even in other countries, for example the United States even though we are in Indonesia.


One of them is in the field of communication technology such as smartphones and the internet, making humans increasingly improve their communication methods. Various kinds of media for communication are also present to make it easier for humans to interact. Along with the times, internet technology has become a necessity for the community, this is what gave birth to social media. Social media is an online media, namely media that only exists by using the internet where users can express ideas, express themselves, and use according to their needs. The presence of social media makes it easy for humans to communicate and socialize.


According to the Center of Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) research released last week, currently Indonesia's internet penetration rate is the highest in Asia, which has now reached 51%. A more phenomenal figure can be seen from the number of cellular users. In 2016, it is predicted that there will be around 371.4 million active cellular numbers in Indonesia. This number is even greater than the projected population of Indonesia, which is 261.89 million people.




One of the applications on social media that is currently booming among children, teenagers and even adults is TikTok. TikTok is an application made from the Bamboo Curtain country, more specifically China, an application whose platform is specifically for videos, music and photos, specific to the ByteDance company. The fame of Tik Tok itself has been proven by joining Rich Chigga in the Official Warm Up Party event which was held in the framework of the Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) the previous year, with an extraordinary audience.


This application is similar to other applications, such as In addition, proof of the booming TikTok application is seen from its very high review value on the Play Store and App Store, namely 4.6. An almost perfect rating, combining Artificial Intelligence and Image Capture. on Google Play or the Play Store the average comments on this tiktok application are women and underage teenagers.


From the explanation above, I will not discuss the features contained in the TikTok application itself, but I will discuss the impacts of the TikTok application on teenagers, especially the impact of information and communication technology in terms of positive and negative aspects. From a positive point of view, the Tiktok application has several benefits for teenagers, one of which is:


As an application that can encourage one's creativity in making a work.

An application to express creativity, especially in making videos, the Tik Tok application itself is a platform to easily create videos with special and unique effects. Tik Tok also offers a variety of music for video backgrounds, so users can create more interesting videos.

This tiktok application is also video and music based, and can train teenagers or children to hone their video editing skills, for more useful content.

But from some positive points from tik tok itself, there are many negative impacts for teenagers, there have been many articles that discuss the negative impacts of tiktok itself until kominfo must block the tiktok application in Indonesia, one of which is the negative side


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