Innovative Technologies: Social Robots

Social robots.


217,000 professional service robots were sold in 2018, 61% more than in 2017. And sales continue to grow - not least because of social robots. They are needed to interact with people who need companionship, care and attention. Social robots are equipped with artificial intelligence that helps them "understand" how to respond to information received through cameras and sensors.


For example, the humanoid robot Pepper (from SoftBank Robotics) recognizes faces, basic human emotions, and engages in conversation via a touch screen on its "chest. Social robots are especially needed by the elderly. PARO, a seal-shaped robot developed by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, relieves stress in people with Alzheimer's disease. It responds to its name with head movements and responds to petting. And the robot Mabu (Catalia Health) reminds elderly people to take more walks and medications.


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