Instagram Working on Search to Show Photo, Video Results Like TikTok; Support for More Languages Also Coming

Instagram is working to expand Search capabilities with the addition of showing videos and photos as results. The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing platform said that the change in Search is currently under development and will be rolled out for users soon. In addition, Instagram is also working on adding support for other languages in Search. Currently, Instagram Search shows results divided under the tabs of Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, and Places. Instagram says that it is moving towards a full search results page experience that makes it even easier to go deep on your interests.

What Is The New Search

The Instagram search results page (pictured above) is meant to "make it easier to find posts you want to see" by "just clicking a couple of buttons". Starting today, search results are presented across tabs in the Explore tab. However, instead of just the top 10 results like other search results in the Explore tab, the new Instagram Search tabs now contain Videos and Photos results. This move makes it easier to find the types of posts that interest you on Instagram. All videos are ranked in chronological order, and you can tap to view the first ever results page. Photos are ranked vertically and are only available in Stories and Ads. The new Explore tab will also show trending people and topics in addition to being able to search for a person, hashtag, or location.


How Will This Affect My Results

First, Instagram will be expanding the areas in which users can see their results. These include showing videos and photos in video and photo results, rather than just tags and accounts. Also, the time period is extended from the time someone has viewed an image or video, to include videos that are shown up when someone taps on a specific location. Instagram says that this update will make it even easier for users to go deep on topics that interest them. Also, in case a user taps on the context at the top of the search results page, it will bring up a list of suggestions from users that have also visited that location recently. A look at the current search layout on Instagram Instagram has worked with Google to make this transition possible.


Instagram Search For Videos

As reported by TechCrunch, Instagram seems to be preparing a new Search screen that will show video results along with photos, and support for other languages. Instagram's dedicated mobile team is currently working on getting all the other languages in the list such as French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, and other non-English languages. The report states that this feature is expected to be rolled out to all users soon. Meanwhile, when asked, an Instagram spokesperson said, "We're always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to find the content you love.


Instagram Search For Photos

First spotted by The Next Web, Instagram is testing a new search interface that seems similar to what Snapchat and TikTok have offered. In TikTok, when users search for a specific song, it takes them to a dedicated tab that lists out all the songs available on the platform and the artists behind them. Similarly, users can type the word 'photo' to take them to a dedicated page to browse photos. Users can also search for a specific hashtag to take them to a dedicated page for that as well. At present, when you search for photos, Instagram provides results with only the top results from the tabs, and no video results are shown at all. This means you can't scroll down to see any videos that are also available on Instagram.



Instagram says that moving to a full search results page (or search card) is a key area of focus for the company and it plans to make changes to improve the experience. The company plans to introduce this update in the coming months. Instagram's support for new languages and improvements to search are expected to roll out in the coming months. The move is a bit surprising as Facebook-owned Instagram already supports dozens of languages for Stories and other features. For example, Instagram doesn't have an option for support for French in its Explore tab that is just available in a couple of its developed markets such as Canada, France, and Netherlands.

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