Interesting facts about ostriches

Ostriches are so unique and different to any other animal including members of their own family – the Ratitae Family.  They are pre-historic animals with many fascinating attributes. I want to share just some of them with you.


  1. One Ostrich Egg is equivalent to 24 hen’s eggs.
  2. One Ostrich Egg can take up to 1, 5 hours to boil.
  3. During the mating season (June- November) the male ostrich’s beak and legs turn red/pink to attract the female for mating.
  4. Ostriches can’t choke on their food.
  5. The ostrich brain weighs about 40 grams and one eye about 60 grams.little-ostrich-chicks-Safari-Ostrich-Farm-Oudtshoorn-South-Africa
  6. Ostriches do not have sweat glands.
  7. Ostriches can’t fly and use their wings for cooling and balance.
  8. They don’t stick their heads in the sand/ ground. This is an urban legend.
  9. Natural life span is 50 – 60 years; and they will be fully grown after only 18 months.
  10. Ostrich can run at a speed of up to 70 to 80 km per hour.flock-of-Ostriches-Safari-Ostrich-Farm-Oudtshoorn-South-Africa
  11. They have brilliant eye-sight which means they can see an object as far away as 3,5km during the day time.
  12. Male Ostrich has black feathers and the female has grey feathers; perfect to camouflage when sitting on the nest.
  13. The male Ostrich is called a rooster and sits on the eggs during the night and the female ostrich is called a hen and sits on the eggs during day-time.safari-ostrich-farm-feeding-an-ostrich-oudtshoorn-south-africa
  14. A group of ostriches is called a flock of ostriches.
  15. The ostrich egg is the biggest in the world but interestingly is the smallest egg in the world when compared to its body size.

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