Interesting to know - the fastest animals in the world

Since childhood, we have been taught that the fastest animal is the African cheetah. However, by doing so, we deprive other animals of attention, for they can easily compete with this big cat in their environment. It is known that there are several classes of animals, each of which has its own challenger that nature has gifted with lightning speed.


  The African cheetah is not only a striking big cat, but without a doubt the fastest mammal on the planet, capable of speeds of 112 to 120 kilometres per hour over short distances (up to half a kilometre). Not only are they able to go that fast, but the cheetah has better acceleration characteristics than most sports cars: from 0 to 100 kilometres, these cats accelerate in 3 seconds. Obviously, being flesh and blood, such speed requires great physical effort. To maintain their strength, a cheetah needs to eat several kilos of food over two or three days, the staple food of the cheetah cat class. The cheetah's body temperature often reaches dangerous levels, so it must always rest for 30 minutes after a gruelling hunt.


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