Internet of Things in Russian. Radio broadcast mining, the Helium approach

After reading my last article, where there was a phrase about mining the radio broadcast, people bombarded me with questions. What does mining have to do with it? And where's the money? They hinted that I should go to a madhouse. It may be so, but there are guys — which few people would dare to laugh at.

Surprisingly few mentions of these guys can be found on the Russian Internet. This is despite the fact that they are preparing a revolution not only in the Internet of Things industry, but also in communications in general. Here, in the remnants of the brain, the phrase of a Lefty pops up that "the British do not clean guns with a brick."

Here is their website, here is their memorandum outlining everything in English. I don't really understand cryptocurrencies. That's why I wanted to screw up this topic and listen to smart people. Maybe something will come to me.

As I understand it, Helium wants to build a decentralized radio access network. Now the networks are built by operators, they also dictate prices. Helium wants everyone to be able to install an access point and sell the service of receiving and transmitting messages directly to the consumer. Well, or almost directly, through them, because they also need to earn somehow.

Their motto on the main page reads: down with the opsos, you give the people's telecom! In a lyrical digression, they, throwing a stone into the garden of ordinary miners, talk about the sinful practice when energy is spent only for the sake of money. In contrast, they propose to mine the radio broadcast with the aim of reducing the cost of communication services, which is useful for humanity.

To achieve complete, true decentralization of the network, they came up with two concepts: proof of coverage and proof of location. The description of the receipt of this evidence occupies a significant part of their memorandum. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to study the mathematics of these proofs in detail. I have to believe the authors and focus on the meaning of the concept in terms of radio access.

Helium offer their own way of radio access and at the first stage even their own pieces of iron for this method. They promise in

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