Introduction to money magic

Money magic is a misnomer. This type of magic is more accurately prosperity magic or success magic. But money catches our attention and stirs our attention. And our imagination is important for magic. Even as money is an important tool of exchange for our happiness and benefit.


First, we must examine what blocks us from wealth. These can be insidious beliefs we have accepted without being fully aware of them. Take, for example, “Money is the root of all evil” OR “You can’t be spiritual and successful.” We can even believe that we are unworthy of success. Another example is the feeling of never being content/always being restless.  


Magical ways to address these beliefs include: burning them in effigy and then tossing the ashes upon the wind in a waning moon, cord cutting, writing them on tissue and flushing them down the toilet, and purification baths (bathing with salt, vinegar, or coffee added, and seeing the blocks down the drain).


Now that we have dealt with our blocks, let’s create wealth and success!


First, we need to decide what we really want. This is called wayfinding magic, and it can include brainstorming, divination, and journeying for a vision. It can be as simple or complex as we need it to be. That said, once we have a vision of what we want, we need to clarify it, polish it, and iron out the details.


It is OK to break your BIG goal into smaller, easier to manage goals. The bigger goal is your macro-enchantment (to use a term coined by Jason Miller). You would create a petition (written out, flow chart, painted/drawn, etc) of the macro enchantment and all its steps. Charge this with energy, seeing it as already attained, and ask your Higher Powers for assistance. Put it in your sacred space, office, etc, and periodically recharge it. Don’t forget to anchor your magic by taking REAL WORLD ACTION towards your goal i.e. applying for work, getting a business license, etc.


As money, wealth, and success are energies, you can anchor them in your life by creating an altar for them. Mine includes images of Spirits I work with for my financial success, my long term petition, and a magical money box.


The money box exists in different forms, depending on tradition or culture. I was taught that it becomes a spirit house for money-drawing spirits. You feed it with stray coins found in your travels, cash ($1 a day/week), and offerings of candles. Once a month, you would take the money out of the box and TREAT YOUR SELF to something nice, but leave at least ONE DOLLAR in the box. I like to add cinnamon and a magnet to mine too.


Other general ways to attract money and wealth include: adding cinnamon to your coffee or tea, putting bay leaves in your shoes, and burning green or gold candles anointed with olive oil. For additional power, you can add basil, rue, cinnamon, cinquefoil, and/or cedar to the oil or roll the candles in the herbs. You can also add the herbs to a bucket of warm water and wash your floors with the brew (from front door to back of home) for a prosperity wash.


What if we have hit a block in the road? One easy trick is to flip a candle. Calling on your guardian angel, name a regular white candle for your problem. Carve out the wick from the bottom and light it, making the bottom the new top. This turns the situation around.


You can also offer a penny to each corner of a crossroads and ask the Spirits there to open your roads. If they do, go back with an offering of bread, honey, and whiskey!


To maintain the flow of success and luck, one way is to get a small jar. Put a piece of paper with your name (or business’ name) inside. Then, add brown sugar for sweetness, rue for protection and money, and a pinch of dirt from the crossroads (leave a penny in its place). Shake the jar every day while seeing your continued success. Once a week burn a tea light over the jar to feed and refresh it.


You can also wrap a High John the Conqueror Root with a dollar bill and red thread and keep in your cash register, by your check book, or in your purse, to grant victory in financial matters.


Tithing (giving a minute portion of your income to a sacred endeavor or charity) maintains wealth because it is a seed for something greater and gives back to the community. HOWEVER, remember that charity MUST begin in the home if things are truly dire.


Lastly, the most important recommendation I have is to get into a gift cycle with your ancestors, your local spirits, and your allies. This is basically making of simple offerings such as cool water and incense. It is also a good idea to include those spirits whom you have wronged or offended, because hospitality goes a long way in redressing balance.


This is the code of hospitality - a gift demands a gift. Giving these offerings on a regular (weekly?) basis can increase your luck, warn you of danger, and aid you in your endeavors. The local spirits and your ancestors especially exert great pull over your daily affairs. It behooves you to have them in your court!




Jason Miller. The Sorcerer’s Secrets. (ideal for beginners)

Jason Miller. Financial Sorcery. (Best book on this topic IMHO)

Gordon White. The Chaos Protocols. (excellent but get it used as he has turned to be CrAzY)


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