Inventions to come at our life

Introduction : 

As the science believes that around a few thousand years ago in late stone age we started inventing a lot of machineries to ease our work. Some of the inventions that always will be remembered in human kind are radios, television, phones etc. 

So what we can expect in this century in terms of ageless inventions. Let's take a look into the future with me.

Advancement of AI : 

AI ( Artificial intelligence) is one of major invention we have done in early stage of this century. We can expect every single person on this planet gets connected through AI in the future and may be even control the mechanical sector. Which is necessarily not a threat to job applicants as its helping us to develop a mindset to stable our goals on other sectors and let AI ease our technical and mechanical work. 

The work already has begun as Sam Altman ( founder of chatGPT ) and others have raised a proposal to create a funding of approximately 7 trillion dollars and also looking forward to counter the misguidance through AI in countries going through elections this year. 

 Consumable Water from the sea : 

Yes, we can definitely see a filter machine which is already in making that will filter out salty sea water into consumable drinking water. It will be a huge success for the humanity as more or less the fear of losing the natural resource, water will probably get lower. Although we should remember that doesn't matter how big the scale will be , the resource will still be limited. 

Outer planet residence:

The concept of living or building a shelter outside our planet is an age-old dream for humans . It was highly doubted in the previous century but as we make progress in space science, we will surely see this invention in the later stage . 

But , it will not be an easy task for the space scientists and as of now it's still a dream. By the term 'residency' don't assume that all the people from earth will shift in another planet but a lot of people who might pay for it may get a chance to experience. Any further progress is highly doubtable in space science in this particular century. 

Bonus: Can we make it far to the 'Time Machine ' ? 

No , unfortunately we can't. It might get executed in some more hundreds of years when we reach above the concept of 4th dimension. Although keeping alive the hope for this invention we can surely see progress in advance researches that will demonstrate us how the actual Time Machine works and not just the fictional one. 

What has been the problem with inventive science from past two decades?

The science never stopped nor the time. Only the interest into science have dramatically reduced in the past decades as other thousands of choices has been provided to the newer generation. 

The education of science is essential in our lives. We might not get into professional field but it's useful in our daily life too. If we put our efforts and educate ourselves about science, we can rapidly make progress in some new inventions that has not been a key topic in this article. 

Thank you.


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