iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 Release in India: How to Download, New Features

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are set to be released in India later today. While the iOS update is coming to the recent iPhone models and the seventh-generation iPod touch, the iPadOS is meant for the recent iPad models. Apple has provided new features including Share Play and Focus alongside upgraded the FaceTime and messaging experiences through iOS 15. The iPadOS 15 release, on the other hand, enhances multitasking, with options including Slide Over and Split View. Alongside iOS and iPadOS updates, Apple is releasing watchOS 8 for Apple Watch users.

New iOS, iPadOS, watchOS

The iOS 15 release brings improved photo, video, and camera experiences and introduces new augmented reality functionality, which includes ARKit. It also provides better ways for people to organise their photos, as well as the ability to search for a specific movie or album through the Photos app. Apple has also added "Movies Anywhere" with iTunes, and Apple TV users will be able to rent or purchase films available on other devices. iOS 15 is now compatible with iPhone 5S and later, as well as the fourth-generation iPad and later, iPad mini 2 and later, and iPad Air and later. The iOS update brings performance and battery enhancements, and comes with bug fixes and improvements. The iOS update is said to be more stable than iOS 11.1 and promises faster downloads and switching between apps.


Upgrades to FaceTime, Messages

FaceTime received major upgrades with iOS 15, and one of the most notable is support for group FaceTime calls. Apple says FaceTime group calls can support up to 32 people, as long as they're in the same Wi-Fi network. There is also support for Facetime screen sharing so that people can "hug in" on a FaceTime call with another Apple device and see each other on the iPhone. When it comes to Messages, there are a couple of new features to look forward to. While both users and iMessage apps can read messages aloud to one another, some apps will support system-wide "Chat" support that's much like a web browser with a focus on in-app messaging and emoji. You will also be able to transfer messages from Messages to a third-party app like Spotify.


Share Play, Focus

Apple states that Share Play is a new way to share media with friends and family. Sharing a video on iOS, for example, can be done by dragging a picture to a chat window and then tapping Share. You can then start watching the shared media on a secondary device and continue the chat on your primary one. Meanwhile, Focus, which is launching for Messages on iOS and Mac, allows users to focus on a message until the other person is ready to respond. The dedicated app icon shows the sender the priority of the other person. There are also options to switch conversations in which focus is available. Meanwhile, iOS 15 comes with a redesigned Control Center that allows for quick access to important settings and shortcuts.


Upgrade to multitasking

Apple's new multitasking design is said to be used as a replacement for the static icons on the home screen. The icons have been replaced with the coloured rectangles and the entire section can be swiped through to view a more cluttered app list. Allegedly, in the split-view mode, the content in the left-most part can be used to the left and the content on the right can be used to the right. Also, the app switcher, now known as a Dock, has been renamed to Show More Dock to highlight its added functionality. The Show More Dock bar that appears at the bottom of the screen for loading apps has been redesigned to highlight recent apps. You can swipe up to see a list of all your recently opened apps. You can swipe up to see a list of all your recently opened apps.


WatchOS 8

With watchOS 8, Apple Watch Series 3 models will get support for third-party app notifications. While the new notification feature is meant for fitness-oriented users, the update will also bring an updated complication interface that lets users see incoming alerts alongside relevant information. There's also the Apple Heart Study that will be able to let you share your heart rhythm. But it will only be made available once you've registered for the trial on the company's website. Apple has also added a new beep when you raise your wrist to wake the Apple Watch while it's asleep, and a built-in CPR guide. New features added in watchOS 8 include Activity Competitions, Activity Sharing, Activity Awards, Apple Podcasts, HomeKit Sharing, and a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature.


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