iOS 15 users complain about the "iPhone memory full" bug

On September 20, Apple released an update to iOS 15. Although there are no serious and large-scale problems with this version so far, some users have noted a small bug in the smartphone settings. When checking the amount of available memory, in some cases the status "iPhone memory full" is displayed - even if there are actually hundreds of GB free.

Fortunately, we are not talking about annoying notifications, as it happens when the memory is really full. The warning appears only in the settings: on the home screen under the profile card and under "Basic" → "iPhone storage".


So far, Apple has not officially acknowledged this bug, but it may be fixed in one of the next updates. Appleinsider notes that trying to delete data to remove the warnings is not successful - but if you still want to try, don't forget to make a backup before doing so, so you don't lose valuable files forever.

Also on Twitter and in the forums you can find many examples of other inconsistencies in the calculation of available memory: some users even show "0 KB used", although the graph and the report with a breakdown by application says otherwise.


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