iPhone 13 Pro not a perfect fit with MagSafe Duo, but charging is unaffected

A larger camera module on Apple's new iPhone 13 Pro might cause fit issues with the MagSafe Duo charger, though functionality appears to be fine.


According to Spanish-language site La Manzana Mordida, at least one early iPhone 13 Pro user found that their official leather case didn't sit flush with the MagSafe Duo charger. The user did not test an actual iPhone 13 Pro, since the models have not yet arrived on customer doorsteps.


Images originally shared by La Manzana Mordida clearly show the case's camera module cutout interfering with its ability to sit flush on the charger.


AppleInsider has tested the issue with an iPhone 12 Pro equipped with a new iPhone 13 Pro case. In testing, the MagSafe Duo's ability to charge the device is unimpaired despite the non-flush fit. Given the nature of MagSafe guaranteeing that the charging coils are in the same place, this will apply to the iPhone 13 Pro as well.


At this time, it looks like only the iPhone 13 Pro is affected. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is larger, so there's more space for the device's coils to make contact with the MagSafe charger without hitting the MagSafe Duo case. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have a smaller cutout, and should also be unaffected.


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