IPL 2021 in UAE: 7 new rules IPL teams will have to follow for IPL in UAE

Players’ family members & franchise owners to be kept in bio bubble

IPL 2021 Phase 2 UAE: The bio bubble measures remain applicable not just to the IPL players participating in the tournament but also to their family members and even the owners of the teams. They can leave the bubble only if it is highly necessary prior to which they will have to get formal permission from the BCCI’s Chief Medical Officer to exit the bubble.

Teams’ territory in hotel to be completely sealed off

The officials have gone a step further to prevent any possibility for players to inadvertently mingle with someone even at the hotel. BCCI has stipulated that teams should try and book entire hotels for their squads. If that is not possible, an entire wing of the hotel would be reserved for the team and would be sealed off for those not part of the group. The aim is to minimize the chance of physical interaction with people from outside.

Bio Bubble Managers

To ensure that no violation of the bio bubble happens in any way, a four-member team of ‘Bubble Integrity Managers’ will be created for each team. The committee will keep a vigil eye to ensure that players and the support staff adhere to the stringent rules. Besides, it will also be the responsibility of this group to inform the authorities about any potential breach of the protocols.

Replacement of Balls

IPL 2021 Phase 2 UAE: While studies have assured that cricket balls are not likely to be potential carriers of Coronavirus, still, to eliminate the risk fully, it has been decided that if a ball goes into the stands or outside the ground, it would be immediately replaced. However, the replaced ball won’t be discarded but sanitized and returned to the collection for further use. The prevention rule has been incorporated to eradicate the slightest chances of the spread of the virus through the ball.

Distinct Check-in Counters

To ensure a complete cut off from the people in the hotel, the players will have separate check-in counters at the hotels. This would ensure that they remain separated from outside elements throughout their transit from rooms to field.

Three RT-PCR Tests mandatory for entering Bubble

Before entering the bubble, all those who are not coming from another bubble will have to go through three RT-PCR tests over a period of seven days. Only when they test negative in all of them would they be allowed to join the bubble.


IPL 2021 Phase 2 UAE: For Indian players in England, the officials have offered some respite. As the Indian players are already in a bio bubble, BCCI has allowed players who are part of India vs England red ball series to move from their existing bubble into the IPL bubble without any intervening period of isolation.


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