Is female. Not poor?

Today we talk about the old times when women were oppressed in the whole society. Being a woman was forbidden. 

  1. The first reason was that the society was male provided. Men were considered to be revered in every field.
  2. The second reason was that men were allowed to do many marriages along with the growth of the lineage. Women were considered only as a means of enjoyment and procreation. 
  3.  King and zamindars oppress women. Or to recover his debts from the bonded labourer.
  4. Being an agricultural country, most of the people used to mortgage their lands. And due to non-payment of principal and interest, sisters and daughters were given to the sisters and daughters by the upper class. 

Considering widow marriage as a crime and promoting child marriage was also the reason for the exploitation of women.

If you think about the following reasons, then the exploitation of women comes equally from all things.She was afraid to have a daughter. Because she knew. that the exploitation is happening to him. Do not be with his children.

Dowry system was prevalent in ancient India. The person who used to give maximum dowry in the marriage of his daughter. Her daughter could be just as happy.Some family used to fulfill the demand of dowry. And no family used to feel sad to see their daughters and sisters dying for not giving dowry.

For this reason female feticide started happening. The daughter was killed as soon as a daughter was born.In society, if a woman's husband dies after marriage. So she was burnt alive along with her husband.

A woman who was jealous of her husband was considered to be an incarnation of the goddess and a pure woman.

Due to many child marriages, if she becomes a widow at a young age. So he had to live in a hut away from the society.

Many evils were prevalent in the society. These evils were considered a ritual. Due to the pathetic condition of the woman, the woman was burnt alive along with her husband. This practice was named as Sati Pratha.The birth of a girl child started decreasing. Most of the men were left without marriage.

In this way the practice of polygamy was prevalent. Most of the men were more in number. And the number of women was less. A woman had many husbands. Which was called multiple husband dispute. 'Due to all kinds of exploitation, the practice of Sati started. Many social reformers have come and gone. Social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Viveka Nand etc. emphasized on the development of women and banned the practice of Sati. Promoted remarriage.

Promoted women's education 'It is because of the tireless efforts of these reformers that today every woman has the right to receive education.It was added to the constitution by making a strict law. Bonded labor was banned.

Female feticide is a legal crime. That is why the Department of Women's Welfare brought all these laws into the constitution and improved the status of women in the society.


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