Is iPhone 12 better than iPhone 13?

I spent a week with the base iPhone 13 to see if it was even worth buying at the end of 2021.


There are few improvements: the camera is better, the battery is bigger, the notch on the screen is smaller. And the display itself is almost unchanged: the new screen with a frequency of 120 Hz went only to the Pro-version.


Is it worth taking? The short answer: owners of the iPhone 12 and even iPhone 11 there is no good reason to rush to the store, only if you have not dreamed of a diagonal camera. But it is impossible to call the new model bad or unsuccessful.


Briefly about iPhone 13

What it is

iPhone 13 is the current basic Apple smartphone


The processor

Apple A15 Bionic



4 Gb


Built-in memory

128, 256 or 512GB



3095 mAh



6.1 inches, AMOLED, 60Hz


Main camera

12MP with f/1.6 + 12MP with f/2.4 (ultra-wide-angle)


Front camera

12 MP


Interesting features

Face ID cutout is 20% smaller, iPhone 12 Pro Max camera sensors, phone lasts 1.5-2 hours longer than iPhone 12: around 7-8 hours


Retail price

From 79,990 ₽.


Few differences from past iPhones


After the 2020 redesign, it would be strange to expect the iPhone 13 to be drastically new: it just doesn't fit the company's economic model, which saves assiduously by using the same cases with minimal changes several years in a row.


Visually, the iPhone 13 differs from the 12 version by having a narrower camera cutout in the display, a speaker shifted to the top edge, and a diagonal arrangement of the main camera lenses. The set of colors has also changed slightly: pink appeared, purple and green disappeared, blue became lighter, and red became darker.


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