Is it bad to eat raw meat and why is steak "bloody"?

How do you feel about eating meat raw and eating it raw in general? Most of us are used to heat-treating meat - frying or boiling it - and many people eat meat that way. Some won't even dare try lightly cooked steak, because raw means not cooked. So is it worth eating raw meat if it's good as it is? Is there any benefit or is it just a gastronomic quirk?


Yes, and raw meat has its benefits. Even after heat treatment, the necessary vitamins and minerals remain in the meat. But the digestibility after roasting or cooking is reduced, although all the nutrients remain in place. Experts say that raw meat is highly digestible and has a lower caloric value. It has healthy proteins, amino acids and vitamins, and the body "eats" it easily, even easier than fried and cooked meat.


There are a lot of cool and interesting dishes from raw meat, some of which we will tell you about in the "Recipes" section.


Is the steak "with blood" raw?

A moment of useful information. There's actually no blood in the steak, even in the raw state. That's because all the blood comes out of the meat while it's still in production. The blood is released from the carcass and the blood vessels are cleaned out. Where, then, does it come from during cooking? Here's the secret: it's the protein myoglobin. It turns red when interacting with oxygen and stains the meat juice emitted during cooking.


So, are there any risks?

Quite a logical question, given that we are trying to take care of our health. The main fears people have when eating raw meat are the risk of poisoning or the risk of picking up unwanted guests.


But in fact, to avoid unpleasant consequences, you should remember two important factors.


The first. Herbivorous animals, for example (bulls, and cows, calves, etc.), do not transmit disease through meat to humans. With pork and poultry everything is not so unambiguous, these meats are still advised to undergo heat treatment to avoid the risks of catching salmonella or swine chain - brrrL But marbled beef steak in the raw (blue) state is safe, provided that the animal, from whose meat it is made, was not sick. And here we immediately get the second important point.


So, the second factor. Only a large producer can control the health of the animal, do all the vaccines and so on. Choosing a reliable producer, you guarantee yourself the safety of your health. If you compare, the farmer simply does not have enough funds to properly store and process the meat, as well as to fully care for the animals. A large producer has everything standardized, sterilized, complied with all the norms of SanPiN-a. Meat will be properly cut, will pass the correct procedures. And a large producer has all the necessary means to do this.


A large producer will never allow spoiled meat in production and in subsequent meals. We recommend that market, farm meat be heat-treated in any case. It should be washed and cooked well done. Otherwise, you won't feel very well afterwards. You need to know what and where you buy, and then the risks are minimized.


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