Is it true that the older a person gets, the less sleep he needs?

Yes, a person needs different amounts of sleep at different ages. And this difference is quite significant.

For example, a person from 3 to 9 years old needs about 11 hours of sleep for normal physical and mental health. At the age of 10 to 13 they need 10 hours, 14 to 18 they need 9 hours, 19 to 30 they need 8 hours of sleep.


After that, the number keeps decreasing. From age 31 to 45 we need only 7.5 hours of sleep, from 45 to 50 we need only 6 hours, and after 50, 5.5 is enough.


Of course, I wish it were the other way around. That it would be easy to get up early for work, at the "golden" age to get enough sleep. But as they say not to choose.


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