Is it worth buying an iPhone 13

In my opinion, all iPhone owners should definitely upgrade to the iPhone XS. For them it will be a really big upgrade. Despite the fact that the iPhone X is a new generation smartphone with a big screen, face scanner and gesture control, in fact it is a rather technically limited model, which should be retired by now.

The new iPhones will really be a revelation to you, especially if you've only used Home button models. And it's not even about the big screen, although for many it is the prevailing argument in favor of upgrading. It's about many aspects that are not found on earlier models, but that just won't let you go back.Face ID is just a song. No, seriously. At first, out of habit, I wanted to unlock the iPhone with my fingerprint, but after a few days I realized that facial recognition is an Apple way-thing. It just works, even though you don't notice it at all.

Camera. The first thing I want to mention is the night mode. I understand that not everyone takes pictures at night, but almost everyone has taken pictures in low light conditions. It compensates for the lack of light and produces a better picture than you would get without it. The second is iPhone 13's new Cinema mode, which turns your home videos into works of art thanks to smart autofocus and background blur.

Autonomy. The iPhone 12 lives on a charge for about a day and a half. Considering that Apple has increased the battery life of new iPhones by almost 20%, the life of the new product will be noticeably longer than your current smartphone. So I advise you to buy the newcomer.

The processor. The processor in the iPhone 13 is very cool indeed. Today it is the most powerful chip even in the classic version, not to mention the Pro version, which instead of 4 has as many as 5 graphics cores. This means that this "stone" will pull out not only all the top games, but also shooting in the toughest conditions.


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