Is it worth buying an iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Why Buy

Larger drive

The 64-gigabyte versions will be a thing of the past from now on. Even the younger iPhone 13 model has 128GB of internal storage, though it costs the same as last year's iPhone 12.


Improved screen

The size, resolution and pixel density of the display remained unchanged, but the brightness has increased by almost 30% compared to its predecessor. This means a flawless readable picture in the sun and deep black color when watching HDR content.


The cutout for the cameras and sensors became a little smaller, but this is hardly a decisive argument.


New shooting modes

With the exception of more advanced image stabilization with sensor shift, on a hardware level the iPhone 13 cameras have not changed. However, on the software side, Apple has added a couple of interesting chips. First, a new mode "Movie Effect", which allows you to change the depth of field in the video during the shooting and after.


Second, there's Photo Styles - settings to enhance or tone down the colors in the picture, while leaving the skin tones unchanged. Unlike commonplace filters, they give a more professional result.


More battery life

Thanks to the increased power efficiency of the new processors, all iPhone 13 can now be charged less frequently. Compared to its predecessor, the standard version lasts 2.5 hours longer, the mini 1.5 hours longer.


Why you shouldn't buy

Minimal changes

Both externally and internally, the iPhone 13 is a slightly refreshed version of last year's iPhone 12 with no fundamental changes. The design, cameras, screen (except for brightness) - everything remains the same.


Excessive performance

The iPhone 13 is faster than its predecessor, but ordinary users are unlikely to notice this difference in everyday use. The 12th and even the 11th models cope with all applications and games and will be more than relevant for at least a couple of years.


High Price

With the release of the new lineup, the prices of the previous models drop and they become more affordable compared to the current flagships. For example, for the price of a basic iPhone 13, you can buy a 256GB iPhone 12, getting twice the storage capacity. Or the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a bigger screen.


Pro models are quite niche devices. Largely because of their high price and insignificant differences for ordinary users from the basic version. Justify their purchase can only be a real need for functions for photo and video, as well as the desire to get the most advanced smartphone, regardless of cost.


Why buy

The ProMotion display

One of the main differences of the iPhone 13 Pro is the display with adaptive refresh rate. Depending on the situation, it can vary from 10 to 120 frames per second, which allows you to get a very smooth picture while saving battery power.


Macro mode

In addition to the movie and night modes that are available on the iPhone 13, the Pro version has an exclusive macro format. It works for both stills and video. The mode turns on automatically when you bring your smartphone close to the subject, and allows you to capture the smallest details.


ProRes support

The ability to record and edit video in ProRes is a must for anyone who seriously uses a smart phone for video recording. This format features a high definition picture with minimal compression. And you can edit videos in ProRes on your device and in Final Cut Pro on macOS.


Maximum battery life

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the highest-capacity battery, which, when paired with the energy-efficient A15 Bionic chip, gives it the longest battery life of any Apple smartphone. Under all usage scenarios, the charge is enough for the whole day.


Why not buy

The only argument against is the high price. Pro-models are positioned as premium versions with advanced features, and this is reflected in the cost. The base iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB will cost 100 thousand rubles, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 TB - 160 thousand rubles. For comparison, you can buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro for that kind of money and more AirPods for change.


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