Is "respect"grandpa of Love

What is respect ?

Is it mean obedience to another one ?

No.. never " will be the answer.

Respect is a quality which can be defined

as the other side of love and like.

Why Families are Important?



Cradle of respect is surely be family.

If parents respect each other it is a nice

manure to their growing children.At

the same time if the atmosphere of family

Is not a peaceful one it will definitely affect

the character of children.In some families

Grown up people quarrel each other on

Silly issues.This will upset the minds of

children.They too will fight with their

parents.This may be for satisfying their

needs.When they come out of their

families to the wast society they may

become a burden..So each and every

parent should be very careful in creating

Pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in the


Society and respect


At first we have to love our society.

Then respect naturally happens.Each

every one of us personally knows so

many people with vulgar personality.

They always show a sort of contempt

and hatred towards others

Social media and respect


Once we said"man is a social animal."

But nowadays we say " man is a social

media animal.


Most of us have fb and

Whatsapp accounts.I often post my thoughts in fb.When a friend comment 

to my status I am very careful to add "sir"

Or "ji" while mentioning their names.

Very sad to say that the new generation

Is not keeping such manners.Only when

we love and respect others they will return

the same

World a big society


Varied interests and tastes rule this wast

World of ours.Different flags different

colours different food habits different

costumes..customs and cultures make

this world beautiful.The most elegant

thing is that inspite of these diversities 

we love and respect each other carrying

a unified and warm feeling in our heart.



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