Is the internet making us ignorant?

Children across the world are always searching and surfing the internet, neither concerned about their meals nor their health. The Internet has become a universal platform to pass and purchase information across the world. However, there is one thing to remember! Isn’t everyone aspiring to ignore reality and enjoy wireless communication? 

The internet is one of the fastest ways to fabricate information or furnish what is already there. For some of us, the internet is powerful. For some of us, it is pointless, disconnecting us from real-life experiences. Everyone is just so concerned about the matters framed in gadgets that have internet connectivity and not bothered about the events taking place in the real world.

The internet is also pointlessly causing us to lose a bit of the ability that we have in doing simple tasks when required. Those who understand the value of the internet and technologies are in a better phase and they are grooming to be the best users and consumers.

The internet has indeed changed everything that pertains to the way we think and behave- weakening our old good habits of reading and being communicative without the presence of the internet. How far can we go with the internet being complacent and ignorant of what is happening around the world? There are most important things on our way and we are always on the internet imbibing the ideas of others. Are we not limiting our capacity to think and nurture the art of imagination in our real life? 

Let me cite an example that would ignite this concept of least creativity in us because we are relying so much on the internet. If we are to write an essay or design a poster as a part of our assignment, immediately, we browse the internet and look for ideas. But we are not just trying to understand the ideas of others but relying on them, not allowing our brain to function freely— limiting our creativity.

When humans are in fieldwork, half of the completed task would stand out to be plagiarized or just copied to suffice our understanding or fit in the situation for sake of time. Isn’t the internet limiting our thinking capacity?

We are adjusting to be good with the fabricated world. We are forgetting what is there next to us. We are flexible to fit in the virtual world but not in reality. We are fundamentally trying to establish our bond with those people residing overseas but forgetting who our neighbor next door is. Isn’t the internet making us ignorant?

How far can we go with the internet and stay isolated from the social world? 

Why all our children are hooked up to the internet and always seen surfing the internet? Why do people feel hilarious about the real world and smile while fiddling with their phones? Why does it take time to talk about the real world but one can respond instantly to the updates and ideas articulated in the virtual world?

We cannot always style our livelihood and be ignorant of the things around us. It is significant that we set up to balance everything.   

Migma Dema Ghishing (Bhutan)

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