Is the Russian car VAZ (2114) good

"The Fourteenth is not called a car for youth for nothing. It was created for young drivers, for whom the "tens" were expensive and the "nines" were unrepresentable. Today at the wheel of "fourteen" sit, as a rule, novice drivers. It's not so bad to damage the car and not so expensive to restore it. But will it become a reliable friend for a beginner on roads? We'll take up this question in this question in this article.

Pros and cons of the four

The owners note the "VAZ" has a cheerful motor. The acceleration dynamics is 17 seconds/100 km, which is not bad for domestic cars. Fuel consumption is 7 liters per 100 km in the city mode and 5 liters on the highway.


Ground clearance is not bad - 16,5 cm. The car is adapted to the "killed" roads and goes well in the snow. The suspension is strong, it breaks down seldom. But if you hit an elevation, the front suspension's bracket can be damaged. The reason is in brittleness of aluminum "crab".


The synchronizers of a transmission quickly wear out. In order not to buy a car with such breakage, during inspection move the shift lever. If you hear extraneous noises, there is something wrong with the synchronizers.


Due to the softness of the metal, dents and mechanical damage easily appear on the body. The metal is non-galvanized, so the rust is a natural phenomenon for the "four". Stains appear in the arches, sills, places where the bumper and moldings join the body. The quality of the paintwork is average, prone to chipping.


And the saddest thing in the car is the absence of passive (let alone active) safety equipment. There are neither airbags, nor belt pretensioners in the cabin. If the car collides with an obstacle, the passengers can get injuries of different severity: from bruised shins to fractures of the thorax and cervical vertebrae.


Car parts are relatively inexpensive. A bumper can be bought for 3,500 rubles, a hood for 7,500 rubles, and the engine is valued at 10,000 rubles. For comparison, a new bumper for a popular in Russia Lacetti costs 5,000 rubles, the hood - 8-12 thousand rubles, and the engine - 30-60 thousand rubles.


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