Is there a fourth dimension?

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You've probably seen movies or read fiction about the fourth dimension, about the curvature of space and time. But does it really exist? What do scientists say about it?

In fact, there are exactly three geometrical dimensions. Moreover, the concept of "measurement" in mathematical physics means any independent parameters of the system under study. That's why in mathematics there are multidimensional and even infinite-dimensional spaces. However, geometric space is always three-dimensional - by the number of perpendicular lines passing through any of its points.

If we look at this question not from the perspective of mathematics, but from the perspective of the theory of relativity, it would be more accurate to consider time as the fourth dimension and say that we live in four-dimensional space-time, where only three of its dimensions are geometric. After all, during motion, time (according to the theory of relativity) can partially pass into space, and space into time.

If suddenly there would be more than three geometrical dimensions, our world would be not at all the way we are used to see it. In such a world, there would be no atoms or molecules, much less people, planets, or stars, because all our laws of physics would be completely different!


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