Is time reversible?

Modern physics claims that going back in time and jumping into the future are quite real. Even the theory of "wormholes" has been created. And the topic of "time loops" literally flooded the cinema.

Let's assume that this is true, and the time loop is real. Let an explorer travel to the past in a time machine, and then return to the present. So, the time traveler has three events: present time A, past time B and present time A again, which is described for him by the sequence of time events A-B-A. Against the background of existence of the whole world (!!!) an observer of the whole world as a whole will fix only one temporal point - point A. Point B will be absent. More precisely, point B must be inside point A, because from the same point A both leaving to the past and returning back takes place. True, it is not quite clear what one or more points inside a fixed point mean. Nor is it serious to claim that engineer Vasechkin's time machine, launched in the village of Gadyukino on the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy, will change the existence of the whole world and stretch it to the fantastic sequence of events A-B-A inherent to the time traveler. If it were so, then not only Vasechkin, but absolutely all objects of the world would have to travel in time according to the scheme A-B-A, which is identical to the fact that Vasechkin's time machine would become the generator of existence of the whole world.


But back to our dots. As we know, a point has no duration (extent), because it is just an abstract dimensionless image characterizing the place of birth or death of the idea of motion. Particular attention: the birth or death of the idea of motion occurs in the point, but not its realization, because there is no place to realize the idea of motion in the point. Because the idea of motion cannot be realized in a point, it is not possible to return to the past and back, which is equivalent to the impossibility of existence of one point or several points within another. Hence the conclusion: the topic of time machine and wormholes is a good topic for entertainment in the field of arts, but stupid in scientific research.


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