Is 100% wool the best?

Is 100% wool the best? No, it isn't! Which fabric compositions in sweaters and sweaters are really good?

Let's first break down what we can most often see in the fabric compositions used to make sweaters:

- 100% wool - it warms well, but some types of wool roll up quickly and can prick the body and cause an allergic reaction;

- cashmere - amazing in quality, but very expensive and capricious in care;

- acrylic - cheap, it is chic and holds shape, but these sweaters sweat and they are absolutely not warm;

- polyester - almost equal to acrylic, but modern types of polyester fabrics are already able to retain heat. 100% polyester is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Where is the golden mean of the perfect sweater? It is in the combination of natural materials with impurities. It is best if elastane (it is responsible for keeping the fabric perfect) and viscose (it makes sweaters soft) are used as impurities. Acrylic and polyester combined with wool give a rougher fabric.


The optimal combination of materials is from 70% wool (here, too, it is important what kind of wool it is: the best options are alpaca, mohair, merino wool or regular first-cut sheep) and no more than 30% impurities. It remains to find such a sweater in today's realm of cheap synthetics. 


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