Istanbul: amazing places that tourists don't know about yet

But I discovered new super pleasant places again. For example, this Dolmabahce Park with its neo-baroque clock tower, which still magically glows after sunset. It's right on the shore of the Bosphorus, and there's a café there too - it's a great place. I could see it from our hotel windows. It's cool to live in panoramic rooms.


I think you can walk around Istanbul all year long and find something to delight your eyes every day.


But if this tower in the park has been seen by many, I will now share with you such a kaleidoscope of places where - I'm sure - most visiting tourists have definitely not been yet. Like it, save it, read it!


Otagtepe Park.

To my taste, this is the most beautiful park in Istanbul. It is located on a hill on the Asian side of the city. It is a well-kept greenhouse with more than 15 thousand exotic plants from all over the world. There is a pond with turtles, which you can pet and take with you for soup if you want (just kidding).


And of course, the main thing that impresses the park is the bombastic view of the Fatih Bridge, the Bosphorus and the European part of Istanbul. It is very strange that there are almost no people here even during the day. Moreover, the entrance is absolutely free.


Çamlıca TV Tower

A couple of months ago a new landmark and at the same time the tallest building (583 meters above sea level) was opened in Istanbul. It is a real work of futuristic art, glowing at night almost like the Burj Khalifa. This beauty is visible from all parts of the city.


Few people know that inside there is already an observation deck, cafe and restaurant. I recommend going to the restaurant - it is located on the highest floor. Be sure to book a table at the window in advance at It's best to arrive about an hour before sunset. Don't expect much from the food, but the views will be bombastic.



Emaar Mall.

A piece of Dubai in Istanbul. When I posted a storiz from here to Instagram with "Dubai" tagged, no one recognized the catch :) The main state-owned developer of the UAE has built a big beautiful "Dubai Mall" style shopping mall in the Asian part of Istanbul, surrounded by a modern residential complex.


On the floors going under the ground you can find everything: designer boutiques from heavy luxury to mass-market, and the Aquarium, and restaurants with terraces with a beautiful view of the fountain. In my opinion, this is now the best place to shop in Istanbul.


Mabou Restaurant

We found it by chance, searching among the homogeneous Turkish kebab houses for something special. A hidden gem in the Beyoglu neighborhood that tourists don't know about.


A small and cozy restaurant with a chef who studied in Germany, inspired by French cuisine and using only the best Turkish products. They serve elegant dishes with unusual combinations of ingredients: chicken breast with watermelon or roasted peaches with feta cheese. Or how about zucchini blossoms with mashed black carrots and raisins? The tables have silverware and the staff is so cute you could cry. Tables must be reserved in advance!


Sarniç Restaurant

This is probably the most unusual restaurant in Istanbul. It is located under the ground in the premises of the former Roman cisterns, which are 1500 years old! Just imagine: this place was created when the Ayia Sofia was standing in the scaffolding!


Located just outside the walls of Ayia Sofia, in the Hagia Sofia Mansions neighborhood. Brick vaults and illuminated columns, a fireplace, a stylish bar, live classical music and haute cuisine with Turkish wines. Not cheap, but worth it.


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