It is a daring incident to go on a tragic train. Travel Story

This is life.  The day was April 12, 2011.


 A 22-year-old girl boarded the Padmavati Express from Lakshmau to go to Delhi.  Night train, in a hurry he is walking alone.


 Feel his suppressed joy.  The job at CISF seems to be done this time.  No more or why?  He is a national level volleyball player and occasionally plays football.  He should have got his job in the sports quota a long time ago, which is not surprising yet.


  It was about midnight when the girl got on the train from Lakshmau.  Suddenly the letter of interview came and the reservation was not found in any hurry, the girl somehow got some space in the general room and sat quietly.  You can't sleep, you have money, results, game certificates in your bag.


  However, if you sit continuously, everyone falls asleep.  The night train runs over him.  As a result, when the Padmavati Express left Chenati station with a loud whistle, the girl almost fell asleep on the shoulder of the woman next door.  He was so tired after practicing in the field all day, the cold air coming through the window on him, he was forced to sleep.


  The other people in the room are also relaxing.  Someone is still awake, raising his voice all the time.


  The girl did not understand a thing, three pairs of eyes were keeping an equal eye on her a few hands away from where she was sitting.  A lonely girl is rare in a normal room at night, but more than that, what attracted those eyes was the pure gold necklace that was gently swaying on the girl's neck.  It can be seen clearly through the gap of the T-shirt.


  Loktinta waited a little longer.  When he realized that the girl was sleeping patiently, her tired eyes were heavy, she was breathing alone, one of them got up slowly.


 The girl was sitting in the corner of the lower berth.  Thinking that nothing had happened, the man put his experienced hand on the girl's neck without going to the bathroom.


 A few microseconds.  Then he pulled and tore the necklace.


 The plan was that the man would snatch the necklace and go to the bathroom, and the other two would try to confuse the situation before the girl or anyone else could see it.


 But the plan did not go ahead.  The girl woke up as soon as she snatched the necklace from her neck.


 The Mushko man saw the situation and started walking towards the bathroom.  The other two men also started coming forward.  The girl is not a slave to leave either, this necklace is her everything, she started to go with the man in a hurry, shouting in her mouth, “Thief!  Thief!  Save me! ”


 Strange thing!  Those who woke up to the girl's screams were startled, those who were sleeping in the room also started to tremble.  But seeing a girl fighting alone with three men, there was no reaction between them.  They just peeked through their eyes and swallowed the scene.


 No one came forward.


 Meanwhile, the girl came to the empty space in front of the bathroom while fighting with Loktinat.  By this time the train had come close to Berylli, the wind blowing in through the open door.


 A man was twisting the girl's hands, in which case he reached out and punched the man in the face.  Immediately the second man hit her in the stomach with his hand.  Although the girl's face was wrinkled due to the severity of the injury, she had already bled and bled the third man's hand.


 Within three minutes the people multiplied the error.  The train will enter Berylli station in a while, this girl is not an easy person to leave!  Not so cold kill-slap-punch!


 Loktinta glanced at each other for a moment, then turned her eyes towards the inside of the room.  There are still at least thirty pairs of eyes looking curious, but no one has a say.  Nah, there is no pressure on them.


 The man who first went to tear the necklace licked his own lips once, the girl's hands are pressed against her back, yet she is kicking with her feet.


 As soon as the first man gestured, the three men rushed to the door at light speed, then hurled the girl, who had been playing volleyball at the national level, as if throwing a cigarette butt from a speeding train.


 A lot of black emptiness at the moment.  A golden future became dark.  Many dreams were shattered.


 The girl fell on the track of the next railway line.  And almost immediately another train rushed to that line.  His left leg had already broken when he fell off the train, this time the train ran over him and smashed all the bones, big and small, like dust.  Bleeding had already started in the lower abdomen, now the bones in the lower abdomen also cracked due to severe injuries.  The main bone of the waist was also broken.


 The girl lost consciousness while enduring inhuman suffering.


 What are you thinking?  The mind is twisting with difficulty?  Anger towards the silent spectators in the room?


 Wait.  The story is not over yet.




 Let's go straight from 2011 to the 4th of January 2019.  Yes yes, just yesterday.  Yesterday that girl conquered Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica.  As the world's first female amputee.


 Yes, the name of this Indian girl is Arunima Sinha.


 Arunima has climbed Mount Everest in 2013, one of her legs is prosthetic.  And the rest of the body is broken in many places.


  In one night when he turned from a national level player to a disabled person, the eyes of the people around him were filled with pain and despair.


 Ah!  That girl is over!


 Arunima could not take that mercy.  She is not the bride of anyone's mercy.  When he was released from the hospital a few months after that horrific incident, he started non-stop training.  She surprised everyone by conquering Mount Everest as the first female amputee in just two years.


 At the age of 30, he started his own organization, the Arunima Foundation, which helps children with disabilities to play.  In 2015, he received the Padma Shri, has been welcomed abroad.


 After conquering Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica yesterday, he said he wants to conquer all the highest peaks in the world.  At the top he wants to say, "Look I'm on the top!"


 He wants to throw away words like frustration, impossible, end.  Wants to change the mindset of people who thought they were gone forever.


 Let's wish from the bottom of our hearts, be proud of this Indian.


 He has dedicated this victory to his most revered personality, Swami Vivekananda.


 We jump on social media to hear a little bit of entertainment in the entertainment world, but how many of us know such real heroes?  How many know?


 It is hoped that heroes like Arunima will rise higher and conquer all negativity by blowing them away.


 Arunima Sinha is hiding in a corner of the minds of those who are constantly frustrated with life struggles, exams, or social problems.


 All you need to do is get him out of your mind!


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