It's a bummer." 8 important facts about the new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that Apple didn't tell you

Apple does not reveal all of the information about the new devices at presentations. The company does not name parameters such as the amount of RAM and battery, and the time of the event is limited, so the speakers have time to say only the most important things. 

We have collected facts about the company's new devices that were not mentioned at the presentation. 

The iPhone 13 Pro has a more powerful graphics processor than the iPhone 13. 

All four iPhone 13 models have the A15 processor. At the same time, the graphics processor of the regular "trinashek" and Pro-versions are different, and the latter has a more powerful processor. 

The Pro models have a five-core graphics processor, while the regular models have a quad-core. In particular, the former got a more advanced graphics system to improve the camera - the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max support ProRes video recording. 

The iPhone 13 has increased batteries relative to the iPhone 12. 

Аккумуляторы в iPhone 13 точно стали больше. Это удалось узнать благодаря документации Apple для U.S. Chemical Transportation Center.

The batteries in the iPhone 13 have definitely gotten bigger. Apple's documentation to the U.S. Chemical Transportation Center has revealed this.

The parameters:

iPhone 13 mini - 9.57Wh, 11% more than the iPhone 12 mini. 

iPhone 13 - 12.41 watts, 15% more than the iPhone 12. 

iPhone 13 Pro - 11.97 watts, 11% more than the iPhone 12 Pro. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 16.75 watts, 18% more than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The iPhone 13 notch is narrower, but higher. 

Before the presentation, there were rumors that the new models would have a smaller camera cutout than their predecessors. This is partly true - the "bangs became" less long, but thicker. 

Enthusiasts have already compared the cutouts of the iPhone 13 and 12 - in the first model range it goes beyond the status bar with an indicator of connection to the network, battery charge and other indicators. That is, the area "bangs" reduced less than expected. 

4K shooting with ProRes requires at least 256 GB of memory. 

If you plan to shoot ProRes video at maximum settings (at 4K resolution), you'll need an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max with at least 256GB of storage. According to the iPhone 13 Pro specifications page, ProRes video recording will be limited to 1080p 30 FPS for models with 128GB of storage.

The reason for this is that when shooting in ProRes with such a high resolution, the files will fill the phone's memory very quickly. In fact, you should buy an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max with 512GB or even 1TB of memory to use this format.

ProRes won't be available right away

Apple has mentioned this, but in passing - shooting in ProRes will not be available right away. According to Apple, this format will become available "in a future iOS 15 update" and, recall, only for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The RAM capacity of the iPhone 13 has not changed compared to its predecessors.

The company does not mention the amount of RAM and battery capacity at the presentations. At the same time, data about the RAM capacity of the updated iPhone 13 lineup appeared on the network. The parameters have not changed compared to last year. 



The memory capacities of the smartphones are as follows: 

13 and 13 mini - 4 GB RAM 

13 Pro and 13 Pro Max - 6 GB RAM 

The Apple Watch Series 7 appears to have the same processor as the Series 6

New Apple products usually have a more powerful processor, but the new Apple Watch 7 seems to have the same processor. They reportedly have the same processor as the Apple Watch 6. "It's a bummer," writes Mashable. 

Sure, the new Apple Watch has a few other innovations over its predecessor, the most important being larger displays. But given that the design hasn't changed and the processor isn't faster, it begs the question, is waiting for the Apple Watch 8 a rational purchase? 

Importantly, this is not official information, but an observation by developer Steve Forton-Smith, who found supporting data in the latest version of Xcode. We'll find out what's inside when the Apple Watch 7 is disassembled, which should be right after it goes on sale this fall.

The iPad mini has no headphone jack

Apple simply didn't list this feature in the specs and didn't mention it during the presentation. At the same time, the renders show that the tablet received only one connector - USB-C. The company gave up 3.5 mm.


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