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Legends and myths about the Japanese car industry. Why is it necessary to buy only Toyota? 

My story will be long... Perhaps difficult to read, I am not a writer, please forgive and understand.

By the will of fate, I have connected my life with cars. In 96, after graduating from a vocational school in a provincial Siberian town on the specialty - the mechanic to repair cars, almost immediately was adopted, first an internship, and then a permanent job in one of the service stations. I will not write the names and addresses, the essence is not this. And since then, of course, much has changed. Has not changed only my attitude to the car for these years, I am still engaged in the repair, though not myself, not with his hands, but the most direct participation in it. I write about it so that the reader can understand that I am not an amateur for a long time, and a specialist, more than 20 years working in various car services and teams, (This is very important, below it will be clear why!) Worked with different cars, different brands, manufacturers, etc. But today we will talk about Japanese automobile industry!

No one will deny the fact that in Siberia and in the east, the roads in the 90s and noughties were dominated by Japanese cars, I now do not want to say that it was just the vast majority, no, there was of course the Soviet classics and Germans, but to the Jap was a different attitude, they were somehow closer in spirit. At that time, they were more or less learned how to service, and in general they seemed much more reliable than all other cars. Once again, such a story was about as far as the Urals, closer to Europe, the situation is slightly different, there to the Germans were treated about the same as we have to the Japs.

In 2015, mentally coming to the fact that I have already maximally pumped in the professional plan, and there is nowhere to grow, opened its own small service, and since then, leading their statistics, making so to speak ratings of reliability, cheapness in service, etc. I absolutely do not pretend to the authority of my opinion, and take it as a conclusion of last resort is not necessary. These are simply my thoughts, based on my years of experience. No more, no less.

Now to the point. There is an opinion among car "specialists", I mean motorists, electricians-diagnostics, chassis workers and others, that Toyota makes the simplest and cheapest cars in service among all Japanese manufacturers. More than once I have heard similar statements from motorists - I would better rebuild the engine twice at Corolla, than to change candles at Subaru. Such stories are a million, I heard it all the time, in different teams, from different specialists. Diagnosticians have always said and they say till now that Nissans have problems with electronics and you can hardly ever figure them out. Suspension of Nissans is a pain for a chassis specialist, it is better to shake all silent blocks in Niva than to change one in Pulsar... is this really true?

Among owners, there is a similar opinion. Toyota is a standard of quality, reliability, style, beauty, convenience. In a word - a dream! There is Toyota and already all other Japanese cars. Never and no one from other manufacturers, not even close to the quality and reliability of Toyota. Toyota is what every driver dreams of. Toyota has the best suspension, of course, the most reliable, trouble-free engines, of course Toyota has. And in general, Toyota owners, except for consumables, don't change anything. They drive their cars for 20 years and sell them for the same money they bought them... Is it really so?

Now let's try to understand these pressing questions. And let's try to find the answer to the main one: Why from the wide range of all Japanese brands and models on the market, it is necessary to buy Toyota?

I'll write in excerpts from life, and just reasoning.

Let's start from the history. Late 90's, early noughties. Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in Japan, the model range of Toyota is less than the range of some Nokia phones. For every taste, for every consumer, there is everything. No other manufacturer has such a number of models. The quality of produced vehicles is undoubtedly high, all other manufacturers are trying to catch up with Toyota, which became a leader in sales. The picture is approximately such. But what does Toyota of those years offer us? Nothing special, simple, unremarkable models, which are a dime a dozen, with a rather poor set of options for those times, compared with the rest of the world market, the domestic car industry is not taken into account. In terms of technology, Toyota has never been ahead, the same Germans offered much more advanced technology implemented in their vehicles, but the Russian people in the east of Toyota went better. Certainly, in fact it was not necessary to overhaul the engine every 80 thousand years as in the "nine" and it is already woo what a plus, and even more to that, a lot of buttons, all sorts of condensers, heaters, etc. And their suspensions outstripped the domestic in several times, in general I have moved from the "nine" to Toyota and immediately tasted all the charm, felt like a man so to speak. Along with Toyota in those years other Japanese brands, such as Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, entered the market, there were a lot of them. But Toyota, thanks to its huge model range, was more numerous.


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