Japanese Tamago Omelet: a quick recipe for a morning meal

"Tamago" is a dish that came to us from Japanese cuisine. The omelet has an unusual sweet and sour taste. You can cook "Tamago" in a pancake pan.


Needed ingredients

chicken eggs - 5 units

soy sauce - 1 tbsp;

rice wine vinegar - 1 tbsp;

vegetable oil - 1 tbsp;

sugar - 1 tsp.

How to cook

Beat the eggs with a whisk. The mixer is better not to use, so as not to get a foamy mass, advises Povar.ru.

Strain the beaten eggs through a sieve.

Add all the other ingredients and mix until smooth.

Pour the egg mixture with a ladle on a frying pan greased with vegetable oil. Fry the pancake on medium heat until cooked on one side only. When the pancake is ready, roll it up carefully with a spatula. Leave the finished pancake on the edge of the frying pan.

Grease the pan again with vegetable oil and pour a new pancake with a ladle so that a little of the mass gets under the ready pancake. When the pancake is ready, roll it up with the previous one. It is necessary to layer on top of the first pancake, and so on. There should be 6-8 pancakes in total.

Multilayer omelette "Tamago" ready. All you have to do is to slice it and serve it.


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