Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Reveals Netflix Premiere Date, Trailer

The following period of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure will debut on Netflix worldwide on Dec. 1.


Netflix uncovered the debut date during its "Anime Day" livestream. The following period of the anime will purportedly be delivered in multi-scene clusters, with the main group including 12 scenes. Netflix didn't report how long Stone Ocean will run for; the following period of the show will adjust Part 6 of Hirohiko Araki's long-running manga, which is the second longest bend in the whole series at 158 sections. The longest curve in the manga, Diamond is Unbreakable, adjusted 174 manga sections into 39 anime scenes and was delivered throughout the span of 9 months in 2016. Another trailer, which shows Jolene's gathering with Jotaro, was additionally uncovered during the livestream.

The new circular segment happens ten years after the finish of the Golden Wind storyline and focuses on the existence of another Joestar relative, Jolene Cujoh. Faulted for a dubious auto crash that causes her darling's passing, Jolene is shipped off a jail in America's most tasteful state, Florida. While carrying out her punishment, Jolene gets a strange pendant and a visit from her dad, Jotaru Kujo, the hero of the Stardust Crusaders circular segment. Brought into her family's long-running clash with Dio, Jolene collaborates with other detained Stand-clients to bring down the jail's clergyman, Father Enrico Pucci, who needs to reproduce the whole universe dependent on Dio's plan.

Jojo fans actually have a lot to anticipate following the Stone Ocean circular segment's introduction: Araki recently affirmed that the manga will proceed with a ninth part, likely entitled Jojolands. The new bend was declared that very day that the last section of Part 8, Jojolion, was distributed. Araki went on a break after Jojolion's decision, and Jojolands will be distributed at some point after he gets back from his get-away. A side project series zeroed in on the on-going undertakings of Josuke, the hero of Part 4, will be composed by Boogiepop and Others' Kohei Kadono and will highlight workmanship from No Guns Life Tasuku Karasuma. The new manga will be distributed in Japan on Dec. 18.

The primary section of Araki's hyper-adapted epic was distributed in 1987, and the series has proceeded in the a long time since with 8 sections, every one of which is set in an alternate period and area. Each part centers around an alternate individual from the Joestar family, who are secured an age crossing fight with the figure known as Dio. The series has more than 100 million duplicates available for use worldwide and has become more well known with age. The manga is accessible in English from VIZ Media.


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