Journal: The Dark Side of Social Media, Content Paid For Life

Two teenagers jumped into the middle of the road. One from the right, another from the left. Simultaneously, a truck passed and a collision was inevitable. Only one teenager survived. The other one died silly.


The incident occurred in Cisauk, Tangerang Regency, Banten on August 5, 2021 at 05.30 WIB. Their actions were intentionally recorded from across the street and the video went viral on social media.


It was later discovered that the dangerous actions of the two teenagers were for the sake of challenging content on social media. The act of blocking trucks by youth groups has actually occurred repeatedly and claimed lives, such as in North Cikarang, Bekasi Regency and Pamulang, South Tangerang.


The teens died silly. Paying life for the 'Challenge of Death' content on TikTok social media. After recording the death-defying stunt blocking a passing truck, they uploaded it on social media.


Meanwhile, in Bali, the girl with the initials RR was arrested by the police after appearing naked while masturbating while doing a live broadcast on the social media account, Mango. RR is known to intentionally display pornographic content on her social media to make a profit.


For the sake of content, some people seem not to hesitate to take actions that endanger lives and violate norms. In fact, the actions of the teenagers also harmed other parties, such as the truck driver, who of course had to deal with the police after hitting a teenager who did the 'Angel of Death Challenge'.


From the case of the death of a teenager in North Cikarang while carrying out the 'Challenge of the Death Angel', Head of Bekasi Metro Police Traffic Unit AKBP Argo Wiyono, said that the actions of a group of teenagers who blocked a truck could not be criminally charged. Because, there was no accompanying action from the teenagers when they intercepted a passing truck.


"The accompanying actions, for example, when they blocked a truck, they threw stones accompanied by threats or actions or carried knives, now that's a forced situation, right? This is from the videos, they jump as if they want to stop," explained Argo to reporters. at that time.


In fact, the actions of this group of teenagers clearly endangered the safety and disturbed the community. They seem to put social media content above all else. So, what is their main motivation for taking such reckless actions? Is it solely for the sake of viral content or is there another reason.


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