Journey to the Ruins of the Tower of Babel

History knows many examples when a change of power led to the widespread destruction of the achievements of the predecessor. Perhaps this is why humanity's development was delayed for centuries, and only from the end of the century before last did the technological upsurge begin. There is nothing special about the Tower of Babel itself; it was a giant ziggurat in the middle of the once fertile plains.


The area is now deserted. By the way, in ancient times the Mesopotamia (territory of central Iraq) itself was dotted with numerous ziggurats of different shapes and sizes. From here a logical question: which of them to consider as THAT creation? For example, in the city of Borsippe, which is twenty kilometers from the ancient capital of Babylon, there was a ziggurat 80 by 80 meters wide. In Babylon itself is the Etemenanki ziggurat, the dimensions of which are virtually impossible to establish: many times it has been destroyed by people and time itself. However, researchers do not consider it the most ancient, and the most ancient is called the "Great Ziggurat" in the city of Ur, and it is three hundred miles from Babylon.


So we have at least three great Ziggurats. Whichever destination you choose, you need a visa, because they won't let you into Iraq from Russia otherwise. Rubles are not accepted - prepare dollars or euros, or even better - the local currency. There is no sense to come here just for the ruins, so make sure you know the tourist routes and have a plan beforehand.


Once all the formalities are over, and you have arrived in Baghdad, to the ruins of Babylon go another 90 kilometers. They are located near a quite civilized city where there are restaurants, hotels and some attractions - for cultural leisure time is almost ideal. But after all, you may ask - what about the other two destinations? Is it possible to reach the ruins of Borsippe? What about the preserved walls of the ziggurat in Ur?


These are interesting questions, including for me. On the one hand, it is possible to rent a car to get to these places (they are all relatively close to each other). However, I could not find full-fledged tours, and in Ur is an American airbase. Officially recognized ruins of the Tower of Babel do not suit you? I recommend a week-long hike through the ancient ziggurats of historic Mesopotamia.


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