Just another ordinary story

Marc and Dana were young and in love. Their love was realy one of the greatest. When they met, Marc was 23, and Dana 21years old. Very soon, they realised that they were soul mates. They could't live, breath, or be one without another. They were perfect match. Two years later they decided its time for next level. It was time to make a bond for eternity. Marriage.

Marriage is tough word. For some, it means getting chains by free will, for some means "Ah, what a heck, it must be done in some moment of your life", and for some, it means everything what matters in this world. It means connection between two people who cannot live without eachother. Marc and Dana had that last. Two more years passed by, and they made one step further - they got two beautiful kids. They were twins. Both were boys. Finaly, family was whole, and their hapiness couldnt be greater. Marc had his job, didnt make much money, but it was enough for them to be happy. Dana was a nice house wife. All day long, she was guarding children, kept house clean and shiny, and Marc, the moment he would have got home, he would accept all responsibility on himself, and let Dana get some rest. They named boys Randy and Jim. Boys were so alike eachother that even Marc and Dana had confused who is who sometimes. And they were a little ashamed because of that. But every time when they would get wrong, they would laugh about it, and made a deal they will never tell anyone.

Boys got a bit older now, Randy had 4, and Jim 5 years old(I'm kidding, they are twins, right?). They both were 5. Marc was teaching them everything. They were fishing, playing baseball, footbal, basketball... All of his free time he gave to them. And to Dana ofcourse.

One day, Marc got offer from his job. Director of his company was arrested for stealing the company and the company needed new director. Marc was unanimously suggested for new director. Salary was much, much greater, and their bills became a bit higher as the kids were growing up. They needed this. He talked to Dana and they both decided that this is great oportunity for all of them.

Soon, their financial plan was exellent and they were so happy for making that big decision.

As the time was passing by, he had much less time for playing with kids, he could'nt help Dana at house. Both of them became tired and stressed because it was imposible for them to cooperate. They started yelling at each other, and at kids. Bit by bit, kids were missing parents love and time spent with them, they became naughty, just to get some attention. Marc was punishing them in the following way: If Randy was naughty, he took Jim on fishing, or some other activities. And vice versa.

Very soon, kids realised how they can spend time with their father whenever they wanted. They agreed never to be naughty in same time. Such a small creatures, and yet, they developed plan just to spend some time with their dad.

One day, Dana noticed something wierd. Randy was refusing to eat his favourite food,  and all he wanted instead, was cookies. In the moment when Marc told him that he will take Jim out in cinema, Randy and Jim smiled slightly at each other.

Dana couldn't believe with her own eyes. But she didn't do anything. Two days later, situation was repeated. Only, this time, Jim was naughty, and Randy got his dad's attention.

In the evening, when the children fell asleep, Dana told Marc what she saw. Marc couldn't believe either with his ears. But he believed in Dana.

A few days later, the children carried out their plan again. But, instead of punish Randy, he drove him into the room.

"Wait, you won't take him with you somewhere?" Jim asked confused.

"Why would i? I just punished him." said Marc.

Kids were confused. Their plan wasn't working anymore.

Marc smiled. And he didn't laugh for a long time. He looked at his kids, and all of the sudden, he realised. He remembered every time he was punishing them, every their smile among each other. He was gratefull for having such a great kids.

He did not go to work the next day.  He quit.

All for of them had a long conversation together. Especialy him and Dana. They agreed to go to long vacation, and Marc was looking some other job, in smaller company.

Finaly, they realised how important family is, and it's bonds. They were happy.


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