Just don't react to certain situations

There are certain things in life which we need to follow in our lives. And one such thing is just not reacting to certain situations. 
There are certain situations in our life where we should never react. 
I will cite some situations which will explain the whole matter or the relevance of the topic. 
Case 1
Rima and Sashi are a couple and soon after they meet each other after a day's work, they start to quarell with each other. 
Now a little bit of fight and quarell is okay for every couple but if the battle continues regularly and it never ends and when the same topic is the reason of the fight, then situations have to be reconsidered and much care should be taken for maintaining the relationship. If both the partners are tired and want to relax then both should stop blaming each other first. Then comes the question of the issue of the fight. If that's the same old issue then they should know to figure out the reason of the fight.And it's very important to find out the issue of the fight. And one of the partners has to stop reacting to the situation and has to play neutral. Or else things are never gonna change and many breakups are caused due to this causes.
When there is a fight between the daughter in law and the mother in law. One of them has to  back out and just dont react to the situation. But this is hard to attain. But if this is followed then things can result in something good.
So its very important to just not react to certain situations and keep a cool head in such situations.
There are so many cases which proves that reacting to certain situations is extremely bad for maintaining a good relationship. 
So this little tips should be kept in mind in order to follow a healthy lifestyle.
We often react to certain situations and that is the reason why so many bad things and bad relationship status are formed.
We often find certain relationship in complicated form. The main reason behind this is that there are no party avoiding the fight. Everybody is eager to get their importance and in the process of getting importance they forget the importance of being quite and just not reacting to the situation. There are many such situations which actually tests our patience level. 
Actually patience level is not only tested.If we are comfortable about ourselves we will never end up taking the situation to a negative path.
We often do not understand our role in making a relationship successful. 
The root cause of every relationship issue is the reaction shown by the partners. If couples would understand the importance keeping quite and not reacting then many relationship would not die so easily. 
This blog is written with a hope that all the people who are in a relationship should follow this principle to see the difference in their chemistry.


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