Kalanchoe pinnate - a surgeon without a scalpel. A home doctor!

Substances contained in kalanchoe, give it anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, bactericidal, wound healing, immunostimulating, antitumor, insecticidal, general tonic effect. Plant drugs contribute to healing wounds, strengthen the immune system, eliminating inflammation, stop bleeding, treatment of burns, frostbite, boils, bedsores, enterocolitis, peptic ulcer, tuberculosis, angina, laryngitis, rhinitis, maxillary sinusitis, bronchitis, epilepsy.


Therapeutic properties of kalanchoe in recipes of informal medicine


▲ Eliminate bleeding and soreness with calanhoe greens.

Take the fresh leaves of the plant, wash, finely chop and mince through a meat grinder. Squeeze the juice from the resulting mass, and the mass transfer to a gauzecloth and apply to the painful place. This pulp helps to stop bleeding and, as you already know, eliminate any pain.

▲The flower of life in the therapy of boils and varicose veins. Crush the leaves of calanhoe and pour boiling water over the raw material. Place the container on the stove and boil on a low flame for twenty minutes. Use 100 ml of the healing drink three times a day.

The same infusion is recommended for use with tuberculosis, inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases, and female ailments. In addition, the infusion treats purulent wounds.

▲Cooking healing infusion.

This remedy helps to eliminate inflammation in the gums, the treatment of diseases of the throat, as well as the elimination of toothache. Take the leaves of the plant, rinse, finely chop and squeeze the juice from the raw material. Combine the juice with 200 ml of water and melt in a water bath. Use 50 ml of the drug four times a day.

▲Rhinitis, maxillitis: treatment with room ginseng. Squeeze the juice from the plant and drip two drops of the medicine into each nasal passage several times a day.

▲Tuberculosis: therapy with an infusion. Dilute ten milliliters of freshly squeezed juice of the plant in 70 ml of boiled water, stir. Consume the remedy before a meal. The course of treatment is ninety days.

▲Eczema, acne, dermatitis: treatment with juice. Recommended a couple of times a day to treat the affected areas of the skin with freshly squeezed juice calanhoe.

▲Stomatitis, gum inflammation: treatment with the plant. Squeeze the juice and rub it into the gums three times a day. In addition, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with the juice diluted with warm water. There should be at least six such procedures.

▲Treat bruises, bruises, eczema, joint pain. Combine forty grams of freshly squeezed juice of the plant with melted pork fat, about fifty grams, mix the mixture thoroughly. Rub this ointment into the affected areas. The remedy should be kept strictly in the refrigerator.

▲Parodontosis, otitis, bedsores: treatment with tincture. Combine about 30 grams of calanhoe juice with two grams of medical alcohol or five grams of vodka. Mix well and use as ear drops or rub on afflicted areas.

▲Varicose veins: therapy with a tincture. Fill a half-liter bottle with fresh chopped calanhoe leaves, then pour medical alcohol on top. Close tightly and put in a dark, warm room for ten days. Shake the contents once a day. Rub the cure into the lower extremities three times a day. The course should be sixty days.

▲ Kalanchoe in the fight against warts. Crush one leaf of the plant and put the mixture on the wart, cover it with cellophane, compression paper, cotton cloth and secure it with a bandage. The duration of the procedure is two hours.

▲Calanhoe will improve brain and physical activity. Rinse a leaf of the plant, chew and then swallow. In just twenty minutes, you will gain strength.

▲Blepharitis, conjunctivitis: use of calanhoe. Finely chop the washed leaves of the plant and fill a couple of spoonfuls of raw material with water. Boil it, cool it, and strain it. Wash your eyes with this decoction three times a day.

The same decoction is recommended for the treatment of angina, tonsillitis, stomatitis. Simply rinse your mouth four times a day.

Contraindications! It is not recommended to use the plant with individual intolerance, pregnancy and breastfeeding. You should also not give preparations of the plant to small children. Do not exceed the recommended dosage and even more abuse means of kalanchoe. Heartburn, diarrhea, rashes, burning at the application site will signal an overdose or allergy. In this case, stop using the plant immediately.


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