Kate The Great

Kate Middleton is a queen in waiting. 

Her haughty and elegant bearing. 

Her ability to cope in moments of crisis. 

Her attention to following protocols. 

Her prudence in respecting the rules. 

Her goals with the kingdom. 

His duty to the crown. 

His fidelity to England.

During these 10 years within the British royal family, Kate has won the admiration of both subjects and crown members. 

Being in the spotlight and being exposed all the time is too high a price to pay. She understands that her life is tied to the fate of the monarchy.

Catherine's descendants will be the future of the British monarchy. 

The Duchess of Cambridge is not overly concerned with the spotlight. 

Her main concern is to protect her family and to give visibility to her philanthropic work. 

Her work speaks for itself. 

In these 10 years in the royal family Kate has proven herself to be loyal and a person of immense maturity. 

Not only has she proven herself to be loyal, she is also a perfectionist and willing to mediate conflicts.

The duchess is not only the perfect queen, but has molded her character over these 10 years. 

Her responsibilities have increased and so has her level of confidence. Many experts say that Kate is the greatest Triumph of the crown. Princess Daiana did not understand what exactly the position of princess required. 

The monarchy is no place for people with high ego. People who put their feelings and their goals ahead of duty. The monarchy demands sacrifice. 

Despite her immense sense of responsibility, Catherine manages to convey tenderness, serenity, dignity and majesty. 

The Duchess is committed to the education of her children and to establishing a solid family foundation.

As in any family, the British royal family also has problems. 

But the sovereign must have wisdom and intelligence to keep the kingdom unified. 

I believe that despite being a very large source of economic income for England, the British royal family also represents the identity of that nation. 

I believe that at some point Princess Daiana will have understood the role of the Monarchy and the members of the royalty.

But when this happened I believe it was already too late. The ties with the royalty were already broken. 

Even though Daiana wanted to be a queen, she failed. 

She failed for not understanding the system. 

And she was wronged by not being loved as she deserved.

It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge is ready.

Ready to dedicate her life to the crown. 

Ready to support her husband, the future King William.

Ready to raise her son to be the best of kings.Ready to be as legendary as Elizabeth. 

And more ready than ever to wear her own crown.


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