Kindergarten of the future, TOP-5 examples from China

From an early age, babies develop not only personal qualities, but also develop an aesthetic taste and develop talent. This is exactly what modern Chinese designers of kindergartens do, creating fantastic objects, which children go to every morning with pleasure, while their parents are in no hurry to leave them.

1. Tanzishi Kindergarten in Chongqing

Renowned architecture firm NAN Architects this year completed the construction of the futuristic Chongqing Danzishi Kindergarten kindergarten, the free-standing buildings of which are harmoniously integrated into the hilly landscape. The staggered classrooms form their own infrastructure with play and study areas, dining rooms, bedrooms and even an individual courtyard with a green lawn and a special coating in places where play equipment is installed.

Considering that the kindergarten is located in a natural area, the authors of the project tried to "blur" the boundaries between the interior space and the outside world as much as possible, introducing generous glazing and transparent bay windows, which cantilever overhanging some buildings.

Note:  Tanzishi Kindergarten has 18 groups-buildings, located in a cascade (due to the relief of the territory). The total area of ​​the modern architectural ensemble is 5.4 sq. meters.

2. Naheya kindergarten in Ordos


Commissioned by the local community, which is often called Inner Mongolia, WEI architects has developed an amazing kindergarten - Naheya Kindergarten, aimed at helping Mongolian kids adapt to the culture of the local Han people.

For full interaction between different age categories, an open space was created without division into groups, as is customary in our preschool institutions. Taking into account the mentality of the Mongolian people, who prefer a nomadic lifestyle, their craving for freedom and nature, the developers used special architectural techniques so as not to limit children in their desire to actively comprehend the world.


Multilevel buildings connected by "air" bridges and passages, panoramic windows from floor to ceiling, a maximum of open space with play areas and places of social interaction, many skylights that allow you to freely observe the movement of luminaries and clouds - all this will contribute to the development of children with strong independent character and will push you to explore the world around you without any special restrictions or constraints.

3. YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten in Beijing


A real interweaving of eras can be seen in the recently commissioned YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten, located in an old building that has been a nursing home for many years. The reconstruction and adaptation of the mansion, built in 1725, was carried out by the world famous architectural company MAD Architects, which managed to combine styles and eras, while creating a unique world for the all-round development of children.

The bright red ribbon roof, contrasting with the strict and orderly layout of the historic building, breathes new life into the unusual object. At the same time, the new does not overshadow the old at all, while the past does not overtake the present, making it possible for the young generation to develop on the best examples and traditions.


As you know, architecture has a significant impact on the human psyche, especially on children, so contemplation of the beauty and sophistication of traditional decoration will help to cultivate excellent taste and instill respect for the national culture. But the fantastic roof will allow you to actively move and comprehend the world in the game, because it has a lot of platforms, ascents and secret places.


4. Wujiachang Kindergarten in Haidian District of Beijing


Situated in Beijing's rapidly expanding Haidian District, the futuristic design of the all-white Wujiachang Kindergarten was aimed at the children of a small neighborhood dominated by affordable housing. Given the modest size of the site allocated for the construction of a children's institution, it becomes clear why they tried to raise it as high as possible.


Atelier Fronti studio specialists managed to place several volumes on top of each other using console technology, which made it possible to create enough space for the full arrangement of 9 groups with all the necessary zones. At the same time, playrooms and classrooms are located on the south side to provide them with the maximum amount of daylight, but from the north you can observe blank walls, where staircases and transitions are equipped.


5. The Playscape Children's Community Center in Beijing


This year, the Children's Community Center The Playscap, unique in every respect, opened and quickly became the most popular institution in the industrial area of ​​Beijing. The amazing architectural complex was not built specifically for children, moreover, it was an old granary, which, starting from the 70s of the last century, performed direct functions.

But when the time came for renovation, it was decided to turn it into an educational center where children of all ages can learn about life through play and develop not only courage and dexterity, but also creativity. The Chinese developers approached the planning issue more than thoroughly, in addition to the main team consisting of architects, designers, engineers and technologists, a rehabilitation doctor specializing in the development of children of all ages related to movement was connected.

Thanks to their joint work, children and their parents have a unique opportunity to interact, develop and have an active rest, exploring a lot of play areas, including labyrinths, all kinds of slides, pipes, bridges, passages, mounds, adapted climbing walls, simulators, secluded places for playing hide and seek and much more.

Involving children in the process of playing and exploring the territory, their parents get so carried away that they completely forget that they are adults and they do not have enough time to study with their children. It should be noted that this center is directly connected with one of the kindergartens located in the immediate vicinity and with the city park.


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